Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sailing The Seven Seas

This morning I walked in on one of M's imaginative pretend trips.
From my eavesdropping, I gathered that he was building a boat to "sail the seven seas".
His dialogue was a combination of the Veggie Tales Jonah, Captain Donald from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and the lesson of Jesus sleeping on the boat during the storm.
It went on for a LONG time (enough time for me to clean the kitchen. 

I heard him ask L "please don't spit up in the boat?"  and "L, I'm sorry you are too little to go this time. But you can ask Mommy if you can get in".  Of course I couldn't turn him down when he was actually sharing with his baby bro.

He was later "shoo shoo"-ing him away.  

Of all the things to take with you, he shouted out "I almost forgot to take my vitamins on the Seven Seas!"

I teared up for a minute when he yelled into the kitchen "Mommy, I took my phone so I can call you on the way back....but I'm sleeping all the way there!"
I love boys.
I love that laundry baskets, pillows, and blankets transform into sailboats.
I love that a three year old imagination is immeasurable.
I love that they will share these adventures together.
And there is no telling the things the two of them will come up with. 
I can't wait to eavesdrop and take pictures!