Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WFMW...My Little Multi-Purpose Space

One day, down the road, I would love double love to have a multi-purpose room, bonus room, whatever you want to call it.  My hubby has an office/man room, and he has generously offered it up to me any time I need the space, but its just not the same.

I love our home.  But it does not have a space for me to:
-organize and clip coupons
-get crafty
-write out bills (correction: my hubby does this, maybe I would do it if I had the space :)
-bible study
-anything else my little heart desires.

I gave it up and decided to turn my dining room into my multi-purpose space.  We don't eat in there often anyway so why not?

The dining room hutch has always been used for decoration.  I needed space.  The table is completely cleared off and we rarely eat on it.  I needed a flat surface.

Dining room with carpet + 18 month old = I am not willing to go there (often).

I used the empty space on the top of the hutch to house cookbooks, bible study materials, and a basket that holds pens, notepads, coupon books, and other random needed materials.

I used the drawers for crafty stuff.  I also keep my sewing machine and craft baskets in our master closet, so The Wookster isn't tempted to get crafty himself.

I have a 3 drawer organizer on the bottom shelf of the hutch (not shown), along with a basket of cars to keep Wookie busy if I am working here while he is awake.

Its not the bonus/multi-purpose room of my dreams, but it WORKS FOR ME!

WFMW...Removing Sticky Tags from Glass

Its  WFMW at Kristen's blog "We Are THAT Family"

I love to purchase picture frames from one "particular" store.  I will not mention Particular Store's particular name because I am about to rant about their tagging system.  Come on Particular Store people...does it make sense to stick your super sticky barcodes to the glass of picture frames.  Is their no other way????  I could name you one: its called THE BACK!

Anyways, normally I spend several valuable minutes scrubbing and scratching these off with alcohol and a cotton swab.  It works, but not well, and surely not quickly.

Today I tried spraying the tag with a little glass cleaner.  I then let it sit for oh maybe 30 seconds, and then I brushed the tag RIGHT OFF with an old toothbrush.  This was incredible easy and I was not the least bit aggrivated.

Well Particular Store, at least you are keeping the glass cleaning companies in business.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Fall Y'all !

I love fall!  The weather, the pumpkin patches, the trick or treating with friends, the Mountain Trip, the leaves changing, the novelty!

Here are a few of my favorite fallish decorations for our home!

I got this "Pixie in a Jar" idea from The Shabby Nest.  After you finish here, head over and check out her Halloween Pixies.  I dropped the pixie, and went more fallish.  I love it.  Hopefully it looks like The Wook is peeking over the pumpkin?  That's what I was going for, at least.

I added his fall home apothecary jar, in with some others filled with candy.

A pumpkin here and there...

A seasonal basket for our backyard play shoes...

 Our friendly scarecrow and kitty candy dish (another blatant clue we are cat people).

A fun fall wreath...sort of.

 And my favorite fall decor....

Pictures of The Wookster's first Halloween!!!
And YES! Those are the ones that landed him on the CBS evening news...his 15 seconds of fame.
Thanks for reminding me.

French Fry Cooler System

The next time you begin to shop around for your next family vehicle be sure to keep in mind ALL the features you will need.
Especially this one:

How many french fries can you cool simultaniously in your vehicle's air conditioning system?

Our Toyota Sienna can cool five fries per vent!

I would like to thank Kristen at We are THAT Family for sharing this idea, long before my Wook was a french fry eater.  It nearly saved him from the screaming fits of starvation, this afternoon.  You can check out her geniusness HERE.