Saturday, March 13, 2010

Robin's Laundry Room Makeover (OAP Challenge) Part One

So we have been talking about our OAP Challenge, and you saw my laundry space in one of my recent posts.  Well, my partner in crime Robin has sent her laundry room "before" pics!

Robin's laundry space is just off her living room and opens with double doors.  She has (drum roll pul-eese) not one, but TWO shelves.  Can you tell I am a little jealous of the extra storage???? Oh and is that a drying rod I see there in the pic???? Super Jealous now. 

Well we are headin' to IKEA and The Container Store Monday to do some thrifty shopping for these rooms...toddler free by the way...thanks to G-G!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rite Aid Covergirl Deal!!!

I double heart SouthernSavers!
My friend Jessica got me started on coupons shortly after I started staying home with The Wookster.  We have nearly cut our grocery bill in half each week.  I then got my Mama hooked!  I only buy stuff we will actually eat and I cook based on what is on sale/stockpiled.
I haven't done any drugstore deals in a long this excited me!!!!!!!

Yesterday SouthernSavers showed that Covergirl products were on sale Buy One Get One Free.

Here's the deal I got!

Original Price BEFORE sale/coupons:
1 Oil of Olay Foundation  11.82
1 Oil of Olay Foundation  11.82
1 Lip Stain                         8.99
1 Lip Stain                         8.99
1 Bronzer Compact           4.99
1 Eyeshadow compact      5.59
TOTAL DUE                   52.20

Price Paid AFTER sale/coupons:
All Covergirl Items are B1G1
Used Rite Aid $3 off $15 purchase
2 PG 2/27 B1G1 Covergirl products
1 PG 2/27 $2.50/2 Covergirl products
Total Paid= 4.56

Monday, March 8, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover (OAP Challenge) Part Two

So if you are catching up with me you will want to check out my post about our OAP Challenge.
This weekend I finished painting the laundry room and I posted my "before" pics here.
Today I got busy on a little crossover project. 
After cleaning everything out this weekend and purging lots of stuff that did not belong in the laundry room I saw this:
That's what I said.  Wow, I hadn't seen that space clutter free since we moved in!!!
My mind got-ta-goin' and I thought...What if I use this empty space as a "multi-purpose" surface. 

Many of the laundry rooms I covet see in Blogland have countertop space...even a hinged counter over the washer and dryer.  Well, since the budget's a little too snug for front loading machines right now, and I know I don't want to have to raise it each time I want to put in clothes, I quit dreamin' and I let that one go.

My mind then went to this...
one of those spaces that makes you very unhappy every time you see it.
Its our hall closet that gets used as a "throw everything without a home here" space!  One of the monsters that lives in there is our gift wrap bag.  It gets crushed by the vacuum cleaner and I can never find what I need! ARG!

So I decided to organize and move my gift wrap materials, and came up with this...

One old laundry basket later....My new Gift Wrap Station!  It fit perfectly between the wall and the dryer  Yippee Skippee!  And remember this?
I plan to sew up a little mat to keep on top of our dryer, that will catch spills and make a nice little work surface, perfect for gift wrapping or whatever else I want to use it for!   So long Clutta'!!!!

Laundry Room Makeover (OAP Challenge) Part One

So I talked all about the OAP (Organization Accountability Partners) Challenge in this post.  We chose to start with our Laundry Rooms/Spaces.

Here is the down and dirty on my (Jess') laundry room!

You walk through our laundry room from the garage.  I rarely allowed guests to come through this way because of our previous litter box.  Long story short...we found new homes for our cats (they moved out together and are now living on a farm) and therefore the litter boxes were burned no longer needed.

As you enter from the garage, you pass the washer and dryer and then walk into our kitchen.  I am grateful for this space but it is small.  It is not my dream laundry room, but it is what it is and I have decided to make the most of it this month.

The walls are Kilz Balsam Beige and I have decided to go with a beige, black, and white color scheme.
We have painted since I did the tour of my home on here so I will just show the most recent pics.
 These are the builder installed shelves that I can't stand.   I am hoping the cabinet fairy will bring me some dirt cheap tear out cabinets that need a little love before being installed.  Just sayin'!


As you can see in the pictures, the paint job was incomplete.  Well, I finished that up this weekend after my hubby moved the washing machine and dryer.  That was a job that was LONG overdue!!!!  I dusted, mopped, and finished the paint job before he moved everything back.   Part One...finish paint job is complete.

Menu Plan Monday

Here's "The Plan" for this if we can just stick to it!   
The red indicates a link to that recipe!

Monday:     Venison Spaggetti Sauce and Linguine, Salad, Rolls

Tuesday:    Italian Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Roasted Potatoes

Wednesday: Stuffed Pasta Shells w/ Marinara (leftover Venison Spaggetti Sauce, Broccoli

Thursday Shrimp Scampi, Chinese Noodles, Steamfresh

Friday:        LEFTOVER   BUFFET

Saturday:   Freezer Meal !

Sunday:    Venison Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Steamfresh Veggies

For more great menus visit I'm an Organizing Junkie and Chubby Chica.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WFMW...Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Currently I am cleaning two houses every two weeks.  Neither of them are mine.  It helps us make ends meet. 
My favorite part of this is that I get to walk away from a clean house, and I am not there to see it get all dirtied up!!!!

I love to clean bathrooms.  Again, not my own...because of the whole watching it get dirty thing.  But I do.  They shine.

In my own home, I am not very diligent about cleaning the bathrooms on a certain day or every so often.

I just get in there to do my hair...its gross, and I clean it.

Because I keep a Bathroom Cleaning Kit under my sink, I do not have to cross the house to round up the supplies I need.  This also works when someone is coming over and I need to clean it ASAP.

Here is what my Bathroom Cleaning Kit includes:
1 roll of paper towels
1 bottle of window cleaner
1 bottle of all purpose cleaner
1 bottle of toilet bowl cleaner
1 sponge
1 old toothbrush

I double heart this cleaning kit under each bathroom sink because:

1.  It keeps my bathroom cabinets relatively organized and clean.

2.  I am more likely to clean the whole bathroom (rather than just parts of it) if I have all my supplies in one     place. 

3.  I do not get distracted by 1,000 other things that need to be cleaned on my way from one bathroom to the other. 

I encourage you to give this a try!  What items would you need in your Bathroom Cleaning Kit????? Please leave a comment and let me know!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Red Shirt Makeover

I will be sharing this at Crystal and Co.

I double HATE when my washing machine does this:

You know the little kit that comes with shirts like this?  Those should always be a warning to me.
Dear consumer,
Your "just in case" repair kit

I don't do the repairs partially because I can't ever find the kits.  I like to organize things that have a place folks.

So, I got angry crafty and I got out my seam ripper, and I pulled every one of the teeny tiny beads, that the washing machine didn't eat, right off!  And it felt good.

I kept the big beads, and I got my hands on some pretty ribbon.  Black, because I wear a lot of it.

Ta-Da!  New Shirt

Thrift Store Finds

Here are the treasures I found today while thrift-ing with my Granny...she is the one who got me hooked on thrift stores, long ago.  I would give my parents a break from me visit them in the summers, and I couldn't wait to hit The Salvation Army...or Macy's as my Granny calls it!

2 sets of 4 linen napkins...collecting these cause I'd love to loose the paper ones for good!

1 set of 6 linen napkins never used from Pier One.

1 adorable Easter Bunny Trio

1 set of brown shoes for me

2 pairs of pj pants for me

3 short sleeve button up shirts for The Wook and 1 long sleeve button up shirt for The Hubby

1 brand new in the package towel ring (already installed in the hall bathroom)