Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WFMW...Returning Items to Friends.

Here's my WFMW tip....and thanks to We Are That Family for the Linky Party!

We have a very handy set of hooks hanging on the wall next to our garage door.  When I have an item (book, toy, etc.) I need to pass on to a friend or return to the store, I place it in a grocery sack and hang it on a hook.  There is one little problem-o with this system.  I can't see what's in the bag to know where it needs to go.

So I grabbed one of my new little organizers from Ikea and threw in a stapler, some note cards, and a sharpie.  Now when I put the item to be returned in the bag, I label the outside using the cards.

Now I know exactly what needs to go where and the cards are a reminder that something needs to be taken with me.  Problem-o solved!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dining Room to Play Room Transformation

Here is a picture of my Dining Room.

I loved how this space looked.  I didn't love that it never got used.  Who wants to feed a toddler on carpet and white upholstered chairs (that you can't afford to recover).  Not me, so much.

Seriously, we ate in here a couple times a year.  It was also a much too convenient place to keep my laptop plugged in so I could "quickly" check email, blogs, coupon sites etc. 

Our home is just right for us...but I need to make use of every single inch of it!

So, we decided to turn it into a playroom. 

It is still a work in progress...but I love that it gets used so much!  We do school time in here some days, and Wook loves to play in here and still be close to where all the action is.

Our old dining room hutch makes a great place to store toy bins!!!
The coffee table was my parents from a LONG time ago.  It has quite a few love marks, so I don't get upset when it gets "loved" on by Wook.  The middle piece slides open and closed and houses puzzles.  The bulletin boards have come in really handy for posting Wook's favorite crafties!
I don't even care that it is the first thing you see when you walk in our front strewn about and all.  It is a PLAY ROOM.  That's what it's for. :)

Office to Nursery Transformation

Sadly, my hubby lost his Man-Space a few months ago.  This was also used as our "We Don't Know Where To Keep This" room.  

P.S. My hubby is naturally super organized...he's helped me come a LONG way from when we first met!  And I have taught him that it is ok to throw/get rid of SOME things (like dead batteries and twist ties and cardboard boxes)
His Man Room was never this became this way after we decided to turn it into a nursery and moved most of his stuff out and the nursery stuff in.  This entire process has taken MONTHS just because we (I) kept junking it up, over and over again.!!!

 I am so proud of our Nursery Transformation!!!  We worked long and hard to go through so much stuff.  We purged and organized.  We sold MULTIPLE pieces of furniture, and cleaned the carpets and walls, and of course set everything up for our new little one...who should be here in two weeks!

This is the same bedding we used for Wook.  We picked it out before we knew what we were having.  The changing table was $10 at a garage sale and in way better shape than our old one. 

We had a double bed in here, but sold i,t and pulled a twin out of the attic.  I love the smaller bed because it allows for so much more floor space than Wookie had in his nursery.  Hopefully I can manage to keep from junking it up in the next two weeks!!!

Whatever You Want To Call Them

So my hubby introduced me to "Egg In Toast" when we first got married.
I thought they were fabulous!  Having them for dinner...genius!

I ran across a pic of them on a recipe blog the other day and they were called "Peek-A-Boo" eggs.  This is a much more appropriate name when feeding them to a toddler.

Here's a pic of ours...not the fanciest dinner but super yummy when served with fruit!

I just cut a hole in the bread.  You can use any shape cookie cutter, or just use a glass, like me.
I then place the bread on a greased griddle or frying pan.
Crack and egg into the middle of each piece.
Fry it up, and flip when it is cooked to your liking.
I then cover it with the toasted circles I previously cut...ya know, for the Peek-A-Boo part.

Well, I don't care what you want to call them.  The make an easy and pleasing dinner for my guys!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Man Legs, and Pee-Pee Pants

Well there are a mere four weeks between now and the time I will hold our new little one.

For the most part, I have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy.  It has been a lot like my pregnancy with Wookster.  When I was pregnant with him, I was teaching full time.  I kept on trucking all the way up until two day before my c-section at 41+ weeks!  I don't think I noticed some of the pregnancy issues, due to being so busy, having to get full dressed and dolled up each morning, and worrying about my 20 kiddos.

I really can't complain this time either, but for a minute I'm gonna.

There are just a few things I miss.

1.  Having smooth, shaven legs.  My leg hairs are BAD.  Its just laziness keeping me from shaving them ...and that feeling that your guts are gonna pop into your throat when you bend over.  My OB suggested that my hubby do it for me.  We both broke into absolute hysterics.  He grows nearly no facial hair and uses an electric razor, and I think we both pictured my legs covered in bloody nicks and tiny pieces of toilet paper.  Needless to say, they will get a little attention before I go to the hospital.

2.  My belly button.  This pregnant one is scary and whenever it peeps out, Wook tries to push it back in.  He's making it his little life's mission.

3.  Getting down on the floor  and up again without a great deal of assistance, or grunting.

4.  Sleeping through the night.  Do I really need to pee 7 times through the night.  And most of the time after I go, I stand up and go all over my pajama pants.  Sometimes I change them, sometimes I don't.  Just sayin'!  I am starting to feel bad for potty trainers around the world.  Wet pants are no laughing matter.

5. Coffee in the morning.  I have never been a multi-cup drinker, but I do love my one faithful cup in the morning.  When I am pregnant, I can't stand it!  It tastes like dirt.  It smells like dirt.  The thought of it touching my lips makes me want to barf.  So hot tea it has been...but its just not the same.

I can't wait to meet our new baby boy.  He will be so very worth all of the above.  He is an active little stinker.  I guess I can thank my ever weakening abdominal muscles for the blessing of ALL his kicks and punches to the ribs!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Get Real!!!

I came across a blog post today that I really needed to read.  I really needed reminding.  I really needed to recommit myself to something I discovered a year ago.  I ask you first to read it here.   Her name is Katie and she has no idea the inspiration she gives me.  I also love love love her menu planning blog  Meal Planning Mommies that she hosts with several other moms.  The recipes are easy and so yummy!

So hopefully you have read her Behold the Mom post now, and you will understand what I am talking about.

About a year ago I really struggled with juggling a toddler and keeping my home clean, oh and also keeping us fed.  I was mortified when someone dropped by unannounced.  When said unannounced family or friend dropped by, I opened the door and uttered something along the lines of what Katie said in her post....

"Hi. Welcome! I am so sorry the house is a mess, we have had a crazy day and there was just no time to pick it up. I am so embarrassed."  
Actually, I just cleaned the house in a huge hurry and sacrificed time with my children, yelled at them even for getting in the way when I could have been loving on them, but I don't want you to know that. I want you to think that I have it all together, that on top of being able to parent, have hobbies, and tutor your kid I also can keep a immaculate house. I want you to think that I am amazing and I want you to like me. Somehow if my house is clean, but I pretend that I think it is dirty you will think I am one heck of a gal and like me.

Could not have said it better myself, Katie!

I got better.  I started leaving the laundry basket full of clean but unfolded clothes on the couch.  I started leaving the dishes in the sink.  I started letting my house be lived in, and liking it.  

I stopped assuming that if the house were not perfectly picked up when my hubby got home, he would think I had been taking day-long bubble baths and watching soaps!  I stopped apologizing for being me, since I didn't mean it anyway.  

Now don't get me wrong.  I pick up.  I just don't necessarily do it any more just because someone is coming over.  I started giving myself permission to Get Real!

Well, here was my favorite part of her post.
I want you to find freedom, true freedom. This is found in Jesus Christ. What he did, he did for you. Within his heart, bared and open and hiding nothing, can be found one prevailing thing of which he carries no shame~ love abounding for you and me. Behold HIM.

Halloween 2010

Here are a few pics of Halloween this year.

First we headed to our church's carnival.  Wook woke up on the WRONG side of the toddler bed and was insisting that he did not want to go.  He kept this up all the way until we pulled in the parking lot where he spied the bouncy house.  All was right with the day!

The youth ministry organized the carnival, and  I thought this was an awesome idea.  We have a great group of middle and high school kids, and they always set a great example for the little ones.

  Jeremy almost won a cake in the cake walk.  This was not your ordinary cake walk!  It was a much more competitive version.  Think musical chairs with elbows and our pastor hitting the floor.  Wish I had pictures of that!

Next we headed off the a friends neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  I was amazed at all the parents who literally drove their kids driveway to driveway.  Heaven forbid the kids walked!!

Wook was a cowboy this year.  He was decked out in his Daddy's cowboy hat and holster set from a college costume.  Memories.

It was a fun night, and Wook was super excited about the two trick-or-treaters he got to give candy to when we got home.

Here is his pic from his first Halloween two years ago....we kinda started a tradition with the porch and pumpkins last year.  Wow he is growing up!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Here is our meal list for this week!

1.  (Labor Day Celebration w/ family)  Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Chips
2.  Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo, Garlic Toast 
     -I love to make this from scratch but this week Paul Newman's Alfredo was on sale cheapo!  I can't  
      make it for that price.)  Mueller's Pasta was also on sale for 34cents.  We but the broccoli in bulk at   
     Sam's Club because we eat so much of it!
3. Robin's Roast, Brown Rice, Green Beans (Robin's Roast recipe at the end of post)
4. Chicken Pot Pie
5.  Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Peas
     -Yes, we are eating this roast two nights this week without a new spin on it...we love it and there are
     tons of leftovers. 
6. Grilled Venison Tenderloins, Homemade Onion Rings, Steamfresh Veggies
7. Leftover Buffet

Let me tell you about Robin's Roast!  My friend Robin cooks the most delicious roast you will ever feast upon.  I on the other hand have never been about to cook one without it turning into beef jerky.  I know folks, "Don't you just put it in the crockpot?"  I hear this from everyone!  Yes, I do put it in my handy dandy crockpot and it turns out dry as a bone...if not drier!!! 

I begged her to teach me.  I was still pessimistic.  But I was so very tired of hearing that my husband grew up eating roast after church almost EVERY Sunday, and it was delicious, and moist, and EASY!!!  Blah Blah Blah.

This is what Robin told me to do.

-Sear roast on both sides in hot non stick pan.
-Place roast of your choosing in dutch oven or large lidded casserole dish.  
(Wait a minute...roast of your choosing?  I had searched the globe for just the right cut of meat!)
-Pour one can of cream of chicken soup over roast, and sprinkle with onion soup mix.
-Scatter sliced onions around edges of roast.
-Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.
-Turn down oven to 250 degrees and bake for another 3+ hours or until ready to serve.

Now, I am no roast connoisseur.  This was, however, the best roast I have ever eaten.  I was amazed with myself, and my hubby fell in love with me all over again.  I had redeemed myself after years of feeding him roast failure!  My Mama even started using this recipe!  THANK YOU ROBIN!!!!!  You are my Roast Hero!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Making Your Home Sing Monday: Toddler Art Organization

Nan, over at Momstheword, is hosting Make Your Home Sing Monday!  Here she encourages her readers (myself included) to share how we have made our home a more enjoyable place to be each week.  

Have you ever had that feeling?  That feeling of "I know I should be doing _________ because (God commands it,  it makes things easier, my children love it.....).
Well, I have had that feeling for a while now about my 2 year old and his "art time".  

I loved doing art activities with my first grade classes the five years I spent in the classroom.  I had all the supplies I needed at my fingertips.  I was very organized, and I knew what was age appropriate.

I am going to admit it folks.  I am totally learning as I go when it comes to art and a toddler.  I know the basics, crayons, markers, finger paints, watercolors, playdough.  I just don't have my act together.

Part of it is about the clean up, part of it is the supervision, there's a lack of materials, and knowledge of what he should be able to handle and what he shouldn't.  I am going to ask for your help in a minute, so get ready.

This weekend I came across this at a yard sale!!!  It was $3 and I screamed to me..."Take me home.  I can help you with all the homeless art stuff that falls out of the hall closet each time you open it."

A couple hours later,  all of our coloring books, crayons, markers, stickers, finger paints, colored pencils, drawing paper, and misc. other art stuff had a NEW HOME!!!!  You can't see it all but its in there, and it fits so neatly on a shelf in our hall closet (right near where we get our art on).

My attitude about art time had already improved because I had everything in ONE PLACE!!!
We even painted with watercolors and then finger paints...BACK TO toddler was in heaven.

That's where the whole "home singing" thing happened.  Something that cost me very little, and took very little time to do, had already made my life so much easier, and made my toddler so very happy.  I promised him to do art time much more often.  I am not promising every day...but I am going to try.  And I am going to pray about this (whether you think it's silly or not)  because it's a discipline issue, art time, menu planning, quiet time, cleaning, wasting time...the list goes on!

Send me some tips, folks!  That art organizer has a gazillion pockets and lots of room to grow.  
What other materials do I need in there?
What are some age appropriate art activities that won't break the budget or make me pull my hair out?
What advice to you have for clean up?  My boy loves to help, and he is great about following my guidelines, like staying at his table to do playdough...(most days).

I hope seeing our art supplies organized encourages you, and I can't wait to be encouraged with your advice!

Saturday Yard Sale Treasures

Have I mentioned that I love yard sales????

I know that my sales are for a limited time only.

It is going to be a while before I load and unload a toddler and newborn.  Throw in nursing, and you will have me in a panic.  Life has its seasons.

We went to some great sales today.

The girl scoffed at me when I dared to ask her to take less than $5 for these cuties.  Just my luck, she did!  They had never been opened and the sticker price said $22.  Who in their right mind???  I got them for $4.
These books were $1 each and by two of my favorite authors!
These frames go perfectly with this scrapbook paper I already had.  50cents each! (I have a little plan in mind for these.)
This was my favorite find of the day!  This scrapbooking organizer was only $3 and is perfect for all of Wookie's craft supplies!
Wookie picked this out for his baby brother.  I just saw this on the Target toy site the other day and it was $14.99.  We snagged it for $1.

Go Braves!

Our son is spoiled.

Every year, we are attend a Braves game with my husband's company.  Every year I am blown away by the experience.  We are so blessed to attend this event, and it doesn't cost us a dime.

We hang out in one of the suites.  This includes watching the game in the air conditioning, eating "not so normal" ball game food, using an exceptionally clean private restroom, and having a safe place for my son to run around.  This magical Ice Cream Cart comes around too, between the 4th and 5th inning.  They make you a gigantic sundae that puts Marble Slab to shame!

We were convinced there would be massive puking on the way home.

Because we are on a tight budget, and my son is not old enough to really appreciate or sit through a game, we don't usually go to other games during the seasons.  We did go to 2 last year because Wook was still a lap sitter, and we had my parents with us to  help entertain him.

My husband and I joke that when we take him to a "real" game (aka the nose-bleed seats) he will probably scoff at us and ask "Mommy, where is the Ice Cream Cart, the shrimp cocktail and fresh fruit, why is it so hot out here????"

This is not the kind of ball game experience I remember as a kid.

The Braves games I remember went something like this...

Your feet sticking to the concrete.
Using binoculars to find my favorite players,  lemme give a shout out to Darryl Strawberry.
Bringing my glove and praying for a foul.
Sweating...but it not bothering me one bit.
Bringing our own hot dogs, wrapped in foil so they were nice and gooey!
Passing the chips all the way down the row.
Being carried on my Daddy's shoulders back to the car.
Waving at the mascot, a Native American in a full headdress...not some baseball with arms and legs.
Not caring if they lost (cause they usually did back then)


When my son is a little older, these are the kind of games he is going to remember, too!

His favorite part was running the "bases" on the roof of the stadium.  He's big stuff!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I've started thinking...
The weeks I actually post this, I seem a lot more motivated to actually make a plan.  Hm?

As explained in my last MPM,  I stopped assigning meals to a certain night.  You can check that out here.

1. Leftover Spaghetti, Garlic Toast, Caesar Salad
2. Braves Game!!!  (too much pizza, ice cream, and Cracker Jacks!)
3. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
4. Breakfast for Dinner  (scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon)
5. CP Chicken (marinated in Ken's Honey Teriyaki), freezer stewed squash, carrots
    I don't usually purchase bottle marinades but Ken's was on sale for 30 something cents w/ q's at Publix  
    last week.
6. Hamburger Helper, Peas
7. Stuffed Chicken Breasts (Barber Foods deal), freezer creamed corn, broccoli
8. Leftover Buffet

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wookie Wednesday and a Goodie Recipe

I finally, after saying for months that I was going to, started jotting down all the funny things Micah says!

This Easter Micah's precious Grandma C gave him a set of mini-chicks.  Ever since then, he keeps them inside this jeep, pulling them in and out and making sure they are all in their seats.

The other morning he was playing with his adorable Easter Chicks.  G-G asked him where they were going.  Oh, these peeps were headed on a special trip!

"To Chicken-Play" (Chickfila) he responded.
"To eat some Chicken Nut-Nuts".

OH THE HORROR!  Special trip indeed.

And now for the recipe...

Growing up my Mama frequently made Chess Cake Squares.  I could eat my weight in them.
The other day I ran across a recipe for them, using a lemon cake mix instead of yellow!  Hooda thunk it??

So here's the recipe for Chewy Lemon Chess Cake Squares:
1 lemon cake mix
1 egg
1/2 cup of butter
3 3/4 cups powdered sugar
2 eggs beaten
8 oz cream cheese
1 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix together cake mix, egg, butter, Spread into a greased 9by13 in pan. In a separate bowl mix together powdered sugar, beaten eggs, softened cream cheese, and vanilla until smooth, Spread mixture over bottom layer. Bake 30-40 minutes until top layer turns light golden brown.

I cut each square in half because they are really rich...and I don't feel as guilty eating two if they are smaller.  I know, I know.

Really? This Is The Only Way?

This is the way we match our paint, match our paint, match our paint.
This is the way we match our paint, by CUTTING IT OFF THE WALL!!!!
(sung not so merrily!)

So, I loved the fact that we found a forgotten certificate for a free gallon of our original wall color!  We have painted several rooms in our home (one at a time), but have left the bedrooms the original builder color.  I just haven't been able to decide on a color for Wook's room or our bedroom.

We really needed to touch up a few areas.

Who knew that pillowcases could color your walls?????
We were painting in our sleep folks!

The friendly helpful gentleman at Porter Paints informed me that since our paint is 5+ years old  (looks like they want you to use that certificate pretty soon after you move in...OOPS!)  we would have to CUT a sample off the WALL????

I giggled out loud at the thought of this!

So the hubby did just that...thankfully in our closet.
And to my surprise, Mr. Porter Paint matched it pretty close to perfect!
Ahhhh  at least a couple hours with no scuffs on the walls  AKA nap time!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Laughing Till It Hurts!

I seriously could not wait until my hubby got home to share this site!

Awkward Family Photos

You have to check out their Hall of Fame Photos.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cheesy Tomato Chicken and Rice

This was one of my favorite recipes growing up!  Now I make it for my family, and it is easy-peasy!

Cheesy Tomato Chicken and Rice

Ingredients :  diced chicken,
1 cup cooked brown rice,
2 medium-large fresh tomatoes (or 1can of diced tomatoes)
1 med. block of Velveeta cheese.

 Directions:  In a 9X13 casserole dish, layer rice, diced chicken, diced tomatoes, cubed chunks of cheese.  Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes until hot through and through. 

Menu Plan Monday...A Different Approach

I wanted to share my new approach to meal planning with you!    Momstheword always inspires me to do things that make life easier for my family, and on Mondays she encourages me to share how I Make My Home Sing!  Please take a minute to check her out, she is a very inspiring Christian Mom, and her blog is super fun!

I have decided, recently, to take a slightly different approach to meal planning.  Instead of planning meals for certain days of the week, I am now making a meal list (1-7).  Some days I find that I just don't feel like cooking what is planned, a last minute invite from friends/family comes up, or I simply don't get the meat thawed, any of these can throw off the entire plan!  (Oh, the horror!)

Using this plan, I have found that I can incorporate Leftover Buffet days more effectively.  If  I don't get to a meal on the list, then I already have one planned for the following week.

It has been a long little while since I posted my menu plan...but here goes!

I am cooking a whole chicken in the crock pot on Sunday, so we will be eating a lot of chicken dishes this week!

1. Cheesy-Tomato Chicken and Rice, Green Beans
  (crock pot chicken, fresh diced tomatoes from the garden, velvetta cheese, brown rice...casserole style!)

2. Venison Cheddar Meatloaf, Creamed Corn, Broccoli

3. Poppyseed Baked Chicken, Brown Rice, Green Beans
    (crock pot chicken, 8oz sour cream, 1 can cream chicken soup, topped with cracker crumbs and

4. Chicken and Dumplins, Sweet Peas

5. Sausage and Cabbage, Scalloped Potatoes

6. Leftover Buffet (when needed)

7. Leftover Buffet (when needed)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bottom of the List

I am a list maker.  One of my many lists is the one that I only keep in the back of my mind, the things I know I need to do but will put off until they absolutely have to be done.  I so very much despise these "things to do" that I DON'T EVEN WRITE THEM DOWN! 
The horror! 

These include but are not limited to:
-getting my yearly pap smear
-changing the sheets
-checking my voicemail
-going to the dentist

When my hubby and I were dating, he called me one night, and my Mama had to tell him that I couldn't talk because I was laying in the floor in horrific pain from a tooth I refused to go get looked at.   Yeah, I will put it off, a little!

I come from a long line of those afraid of visiting the dentist.  Well, not that long of a line, just my Mama and me.  My Mama once asked the dentist if he did pap smears, so she could go ahead and get it ALL over with in one visit!  It could have been the valium that they have to give her to even get her in office.  I think there were some legs raised and motions that when along with her request, I've tried to block it out.  Thank goodness he told her no, that he wasn't allowed to perform those procedures.  But if they ever invented a place...folks like us just might sign up!

For several visits, over the course of several years, I was known to them as the daughter of the "Pap Smear Lady". 

Several years ago, again in severe pain, I mentioned my situation to a secretary at the school where I was teaching.  She referred me to my current dentist.  She went on and on about him.  She wanted me to meet him and, I was skeptical.   I had been hurt before.

I called and made an immediate Dental Heaven!!!!!!!

Dr. B (we will call him) was the first dentist that didn't laugh off, or dismiss my fears.  He was gentle and kind, explained to me what he was going to do "before" he did it.  He also has the sweetest assistant, V.  She literally  stroked my arm like the frightened little child I was being, the entire procedure.  They may have laughed themselves into hysterics behind my back after I left, but they were  sweeter than I could have ever imagined!!!  I had given up on dental relationships.  But this guy, he was different.

I still put off going to my dentist, but not until I am contemplating putting my head through a wall, anymore. 

They have me on the "special list" I am sure.  I see the most tender and gentle hygienist that works there.  She actually told me the other day that some people don't feel as if their teeth have been properly cleaned if they don't get a "rough" cleaning.  Those folks are just plain crazy!!! But I guess there are always two ends of the dental spectrum. 

I am so thankful that my friend set us up, where would I be without Dr. B?
If you too have dental commitment issues, or you are just not happy in your dental relationship,  I urge you to break it off.  There are dentists out there who know how to treat a girl, or patient.  I found my guy, and going to the dentist is no longer at the bottom of my list!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Sick Look...and A Weekend Update

While I was checking email this morning I noticed the Wookster was standing nearby.  When I looked his way he said "Mommy Bye-Bye".  He was referring to my "bummed out / sick look".  This is what I saw. 

I fix myself up folks (most of the time).  Here's a picture to prove it.  It was taken on a Sunday, but that's not relevant. 

It was a long weekend. 

 We celebrated Relay for Life on Friday night!  This year it was  "Celebrating More Birthdays".  I started with the sniffles.

(Please excuse our sweaty foreheads)

Saturday morning my Mama and I set up my crafty booth at Locust Grove Days.  It was misty and there was not a very big crowd.  The sniffles got worse.

My Hubby and Wookie, with Uncle Toe-Toe, in tow, came by for the bouncy houses and pony rides.   I found almost twenty pics of Wook in the bouncy house on our camera.  I am assuming "someone" was trying to catch him in mid-air, like they often try, and succeed in doing.  It is kinda cool.

I spared you and only shared a couple.  Wook had so much fun when his buddies came by to see us and bounce around.

It was a busy weekend, and I ended up with a sinus infection.  So I pulled my sick look!  I just didn't know mister mister would call me out on it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wookie Turns 2!

My baby boy turned two on Sunday!  Poor thing was tuckered out by his real birthday.

Friday we celebrated with a Grandparents Dinner!

Saturday we had a couple of his closed buddies over...and their sisters...cause all our buddies have older sisters...eerie!!

Here are a few pics!