Friday, May 20, 2011

All Day Buffet

I sometimes call my kitchen an All Day Buffet.  I have never actually been to an All Day Buffet, but I imagine it would look like what we have going on over here!

Y'all, I seriously feel like I need to install a toilet in there, I am in my kitchen all the time. 
And I don't mean Betty Crocker-in' it up.  It resembles very little cooking.  It is more like fetching.  And it is only for M.  L is still nursing and immobile...what am I gonna do when there are 2 making requests.  I am usually pretty organized and I love getting a "system" down that works for our family.  But this is NOT working. 

You see I am too chicken to let my 3 year old start opening the fridge to get his own stuff.  He is way to interested in what it going on in there.  The cleanup is for a post all its own!  Crumbs that could feed us all for weeks!

I want to start out by saying that I am in no way complaining about feeding my children.  I just feel like there has to be some better system out there that could work for us...or is this just life for us right now?

This is how the morning goes....just the MORNING.
L wakes up, I nurse him.  (feeding someone)
I make myself a cup of coffee.
A little while later I feed L rice cereal. (feeding someone)
M wakes up and I pour him a sippy cup of milk. (feeding someone)
M watches some toons while I make him breakfast. (feeding someone)
M wants another piece of toast/waffle/bagel/pancake.
       (I don't make two in the first place because sometimes he doesn't eat the first one.)
Talk him into a yogurt/banana, knowing he is going to eat another ______. (negotiation with mini Jack-Bauer)
Fetch said yogurt or banana. (feeding someone)
It is here that I admit to you that M eats breakfast while watching toons instead of at the table.  Simply because we got into this habit when L was an itty bitty newborn. 
Fetch more milk, or juice. (feeding someone)
"Kindly" remind M that he JUST ate breakfast when asking  for a snack 15 min later. (refusing to feed someone)
I realize I haven't eaten breakfast myself.  Make self breakfast. 
Clean up living room and kitchen since both were made messy during breakfast...If I get around to it!

Begin to think about lunch plans, usually while nursing L mid-morning. (feed someone)
M asks what's for lunch?  (I smile because the way he says it and the look on his adorable little face melts me.  He smiles. knowing he could talk me into buying him a 2011 Caddy at this moment)
Begin process for lunch...where we do sit at the table.  Sometimes we eat together, sometimes we don't. 

I would really like some advice on this one.   I know some of y'all have this down, with multiple multiple kids!!  Please tell me how you handle meal times when you are at home ALL DAY (Buffet). 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Laundry, Loads of Fun!

Can you sense the sarcasm????? I will be linking up with Crystal and Co. this week!

Well about a year ago a friend and I jokingly decided to start an Organization Accountability Partnership.   We decided to start with our laundry rooms and you can check it all out here and here and here.

Are you noticing that there were no final results?????  Yeah, I know.  Don't start something you can't finish.

Well shortly after the completion, I found out I was pregnant and I just had bigger fish to fry, or larger loads to wash.  (har-har)  Sometimes I just can't resist.

I found the "after" pictures on my computer, but I decided to take new ones.  I can honestly say that I have kept up with the organization, and since No. 2 was born, I have found a laundry system that works for me.

Here are some current pics.  They are in "real" life, no airbrushing.
I love the mail also holds thank you notes you should have mailed months ago.

baskets starting to overflow...time to purge them.

The dryer basket holds detergent and stain removers...and the occasional misplaced item.

 I have made it my life's mission to keep this from being a Dumping Ground.  Now we dump everything in the kitchen, but that is a whole 'nother Oprah!

Now my secrets to laundry success...

Wait for it.....

Wash one load of laundry EVERY day.
(ok I know there are some days that a load doesn't get done)

Dry said load of laundry the same day.
(This seems simple but for me I was doing a lot of rewashing because I would a forget a load about a load and it would sour)

Fold said load of laundry the same day.
(Can you say wrinkled EVERYTHING???)

Put away said laundry the same day
(We have been known to use the baskets as a closet, wearing straight from the basket until it was empty.  I am not kidding.  Please tell me I am not the only one!)

I know it sounds so simple for most folks, but this was an AH HA moment for me.  Seriously, this is what has kept me from having a terrible attitude about laundry.  Yes, it never ends, but it has to be done.  Doing a little a day takes the crazy away. (for me)

It also helps if your kids stay out of the baskets and don't dump out the freshly folded clothes.  Freshly folded...who am I kidding??

Gifts 12-22

Here are my 12-22 gifts.  I love love love this!  It takes me back every week to when God first began preparing my heart for Him.  You can check that out here

12.  Jeremy's safe trip to Chicago.

13.  The joy God lays on my heart when he comes home from a trip. It feels just as it did every Saturday night, after a week apart in college.

14.  Having my Mama so close!

15.  My Mama staying with me while Jeremy was away.  We had a great girls night, watching a total chick flick, and staying up way too late!

16. God's healing hands on Baby Jeff.  He is now 6lbs and 10oz. and should be coming home next week!  I pray for God's peace as they prepare their home, son, and hearts for him coming home.

17.  God using Baby Jeff to bring neighbors closer.

18.  Our Rainbow.  I know it sounds crazy but I love it that I can vacuum urine off our carpet.  You would be surprised how often I have to do this!

19.  Nights with my family.  Nights when we are all together.  Unfortunately, we've had few of these lately.  Nights when we can sit down and worship the Lord together, read books, tuck boys in, and then prop our feet up, and watch a little TiVO!

20.  Ruth and Rahab, and other women of the bible that God uses to teach me faithfulness.

21.  My church.  God is so BIG!!!  He knows our little church today, tomorrow, and thirty years from now.  He is faithful.  I am so thankful to be a part of a family of believers who trust Him, women who are real, and families that see children as a blessing.

22.  Florida Seedless Watermelon, can you tell I am ready for summer!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Garden 2011

Last weekend, we got to work.  If you want to eat from the garden, you have to help!

This was the first year that my mama and I didn't plant the garden by ourselves. 
We gave in and asked for a little help, due to all the "extra special" help from a busy little 3yr old gardener!
I also needed to stop and nurse several times.
We let the guys join in on the fun this year!  I am thankful that my Dad does all the tilling each year, and that is quite the job in itself.

My hubby with his "yard" hat.  It used to be his "Jimmy Buffet" hat.

Micah's favorite...digging holes!

Planting the squash hills with major supervision.  Last year there were baby squash plants sprouting up ALL over the garden!  Guess someone got their hands on a pack of seeds. Hmmm???

Though this looks mostly like digging around, some plants and seeds were actually planted!  I just quit taking pictures when I was sweaty and filthy.

This summer, Lord willing, we will picking and enjoying:

green and yellow peppers
straight neck squash
better boy, grape, and rutger's tomatoes
sugar baby watermelons
oregano, basil, thyme, cilantro

I plan on putting up some stuffed peppers, squash and zucchini, and crushed tomatoes in the freezer.  Depending on the number of peppers we get, we may make homemade sweet relish.  We will also be putting up corn, but we don't grow it ourselves.  That job is a whole 'nother Oprah!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

I can't really remember what our life was like before kids. 
Ok, that is a lie.  I do remember it, but it wasn't all that great. 
Ok, that is a lie.  It was pretty great.  The spontaneity, the sleeping in, the daily showers.

But our life with kids, is so much better!!!!!  Being a mother is such a blessing, and no one tells you how tender the sweet parts are and how hairy the hard parts will be.

These two are my every day.

Stop obeying and slip me some cheerios, already!!!
I thank the Lord that he has trusted me to raise them! 

It gets hairy around here sometimes, well a lot of times.  But in the midst of all the crazy, there is love and laughter and growing!  I am definitely the one who grows the most!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1000 Gifts....7-11

Here are 7-11 of my One Thousand Gifts .

7. Medicine.  The kind you take, the folks who treat you.  I am thankful I live where it is so readily available.  I am thankful for vaccines that will keep my boys healthy and protected from diseases that should remain in our past.  I too often complain about healthcare, when there are mothers in this world who would give their lives for half of the healthcare we are handed.

8.  Coke Zero.  Nuff-said!

9.  This fine spring weather.  These are the days I longed for this winter, especially when I was down.  Thank you Lord for a string of springy days!

10.  Our military.  A friend's brother leaves for Iraq tomorrow.  I thank not only him, but his wife and children, his parents, and siblings.  They are sacrificing their time with him, memories, so that he can serve and protect this great nation that we so often criticize for the most trivial complaints.  His wife will wake up without him for months.  His 11 month old will grow from a baby to a toddler while he is gone.

11. My husband's patience and self control.  I need a great deal of growth in these areas!