Thursday, March 31, 2011

Am I Charlie Brown's Mother? oh, and Family Worship

A few months ago, my hubby and I attended a Ted Tripp conference.  He is the author of
Shepherding A Child's Heart and Instructing A Child's Heart.

We visited the church of a friend before my first son was born and a gentleman gave us a copy of Shepherding A Child's Heart.  I tell you that  it was one of the best gifts I have ever received.  If you haven't read it, you must.  Then you need to read Ginger Plowman's take on Shepherding and read "Don't Make Me Count To Three".  And then you absolutely have to read Instructing A Child's Heart.

These books encourage and teach Heart Oriented Discipline, focusing on a child's heart, not just changing behavior!

Back to what I am supposed to be blogging about.

I left the conference so very encouraged and even more convicted about our responsibility in raising our boys. 

I felt convicted to pray for and with my boys each morning when they wake up.   We pray that God will help them to obey and be respectful (things we are focusing on) because we know that these glorify Him.  I can honestly tell you that doing this helps us all to start the day with "happy hearts". 

I felt encouraged to focus more on Formative Instruction.  In other words, teaching Micah what is expected before the problem, influencing him rather than exuding authority, explaining in ways that make sense to him.  Ted reminded me that I sound like Charlie Brown's mother "whah, whah, whah, whah" when I wait to try to explain/teach when I am disciplining Micah.  He doesn't care what I am saying, he just wants to know what his consequence is. Ah Hah!!!!  So that's what the glazed over eyes, looking through me, gone to your happy place face is!

My husband talked on the way home and the BIGGEST thing we BOTH felt convicted was obvious that God was laying it on our hearts together...was our lack of Family Worship!

Let me just tell you that when Mr. Tripp was talking about this, I felt really silly when I thought about what it must look like.  I know that is terrible but I am being honest here.  It sounded a little hokey.  I admitted this to my hubby and instead of thinking bad of me he explained that it was probably going to feel weird at first.  Since it was something we had NEVER tried.  We vowed to make it work for us, we knew the benefits would outweigh the "feeling silly" and ultimately it would glorify God.

You see, one thing that really struck me.  One thing that pricked my heart. Made it heavy. Then turned it warm and content was my prayer over this:  "If you are not impressed with God, if you are not in His word....your children will not be!"  "Show your children life, through the lens of God's Word, and God's Ways!!!"

I know this is getting long so I will wrap it up.  This is what works for us.  It may not work for you, but I pray that you will find something that does.  It felt silly at first, but it is just part of our nightly routine now.  Some nights we don't do it, and that is ok.  We are trying.  I have seen my boy settle, be still, listen.  I see a love for singing and praying to the Lord.  It has changed my own heart.  I have learned.  I have been more focused on Him.
Our "ingredients"
1. Daddy opens us in prayer. We settle down.
2.  Micah's bible. We read a bible lesson.
3.  Seeds Family Worship CD  "Songs of Faith". We sing one of these, for a whole week. Micah plays his play guitar.
4.  Weekly church bulletin.  We sing the childrens song from this.  We sing the same song for a whole week.  Micah plays his play guitar some more.
5.  Prayer.  We take turns praying for what God has laid on our hearts.

Please leave a comment and tell me about your family worship.  It doesn't have to look like mine.  If you don't do a family worship, I encourage you to give it a try, even one night a week.  I never saw myself doing this, but I am so glad we tried it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1000 Gifts....3-6

Ok, so I am way behind. I have several real life friends who are doing this and it's a good ol' hot poker for this girl to get going with it.

3. My hubby.  He loves us so big.  He loves the Lord and I trust him with all my heart to lead our family.  I am so glad that I picked that seat directly across from him in Sophomore World History.  Those green eyes.  I never imagined that God would take that boy I knew back then and build him into the husband and father that he is today.  He has worked so much in both of us.

4. My boys.  They bring such joy to me each day.  I am so thankful that God has trusted me to raise them.  I never thought boys could be so much fun.  I see the Lord working in Micah. I can't wait for the plans He has for him. 

5.  My parents.  They help me so much with my boys.  You think you love your parents.  Then you have children of your own, and realize the responsibility they felt, the heartache, the worry.  I am sure I have just hit the tip of the ice burg on this one!

6.  Jumpy Houses.  God cleared the skies on Saturday just long enough for Micah and a few of his buddies to jump around for a little bit  It made his birthday!


My baby boy is 3.  It seems just like yesterday when we met him for the very first time.
I remember stroking his chubby little cheek while Jeremy held him during my C-section.
I remember changing all his cute little outfits just because I had nothing else better to do.  
I remember fumbling with diapers and nursing and a circumcision, and spit up, asking God to give me wisdom on how to take care of him.
I remember staring at him and just being amazed that you could love someone so deeply that you just met. 

He's getting bigger and growing up and I just want it to slow down. But then again, I don't.  I want to keep enjoying him enjoying life and all of God's blessings.  I want to see the boy and one day man that God has planned him to be.

His hand feels so big wrapped in mine.
He speaks in these complete sentences, that keep me in stitches. 
He gets so excited about what he's going to say that he can't find the words fast enough.
He is bruised up and down his legs from just being a boy, always jumping and climbing, and falling.
He never goes anywhere without his sunglasses and eats a bee-nana almost every day.
He started peddling a bike about a month ago, and he speeds around like he's been doing it his whole little life.
He loves Max and Ruby and The Wonder Pets.
He loves his little brother.
He loves singing  "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinky sounds!"

He is shy and and a ham-bone all rolled into one.  He's a little bit of both of us.
He has a kind heart and a stubborn streak and I know God will use both.
He is my Wook, underwear on head and all.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I haven't done a MPM post in a little long while!  Now remember, this is flexible.  Especially if the hubby decides on a romantic whim to take me out for a nice quiet sushi dinner. (Oh wait, I was day-dreaming, because we have kids and nice and quiet just doesn't go along with toddlers and eating out)

I also no longer assign the meals to a specific day because sometimes things come up or just don't thaw out in time!  Of course it would never be because I forget.
Anyways, here goes.

Crockpot Chicken (smeared and slathered with that new Philly Cooking Cream stuff...50cents at Publix last week, yes mam!  Served with tri-color pasta and green beans.

Spaghetti with angel hair pasta, garlic toast,broccoli

Salmon, Rice, Peas  (sounds so simple doesn't it)

Mexican Lasagna (literally layering your taco seasoned meat of choice with black beans and corn, and tortillas instead of pasta....I sprinkle with cheese on top!)  Oh, and don't you just love a one dish dinner!

Homemade Pizzas, Fruit

Chicken and Broccoli Tater Tot Casserole, Green Beans, Rolls

And my favorite....Drum roll please........ Leftover Buffet!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Before I found out I was pregnant, I told my husband that no matter how many children God chose to bless us with, they would all be boys.  So far I am 2-0. 

I know that boys love their Mommies.  But they have an incredibly special place in their hearts for their Daddy.

I watch Micah watch my husband.  He does everything Jeremy does.  He says everything Jeremy says.  Including calling me "Baby?" from across the house.

There is no one I rather him be following. 

You see, my husband loves God more than anything.  He takes leading our family in the ways of the Lord very seriously.   He loves me, and he shows me in such tender ways.  He prays for all of us.  He provides for us.  He listens to us.  He spends his time with us, just a little less during football season (I kid, sorta.)
He does love some Georgia Tech Football.

He doesn't always get it all right, but he sure does give his job as husband and father all he's got.  To some this may seem as if I am bragging.  I do not intend to do that here.  It is just that he puts so much energy into his family that I can't help but talk about it in my "journal" of sorts. 

Micah wants to be just like him.  I watch them together A LOT. 

If Jeremy is working in the yard, moving a tree, refreshing the mulch, watering the plants, Micah is right their under him.  If he is changing batteries in a baby swing, Micah is "twist, twist, twisting". 

I know he is teaching him so much more than the task at hand, he is teaching him about loving God.

I am so thankful for the time Micah has with Jeremy.  If he grows up to be half the husband Jeremy is, then someone will be one blessed wife.  We joke that we will have an arranged marriage for him one day (we only half kid!)  But that's another story for another time.

Lincoln has no idea of the fun he will have with those two one day.  I can't wait to watch him tagging along too!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

I don't really have any BIG news to blog about, just some things on my mind.

The "N" on my keyboard has decided to strike.  I don't know why, but it annoys me a little.

On to more significant things....

I have been praying really hard for some friends of ours.  They found out in December that they were 5 months pregnant.  You read that right, but go on back and re-read if your jaw is hanging open like mine was.  Their baby boy was born way early about 2 weeks ago.  He only made it to 28 weeks.  His name is Jeffrey and I ask that you pray for him.  I pray that the Lord has His hands wrapped around him, growing him so that his parents can bring him home in May.  He weighs just under 2 pounds and has a feeding tube because he is so young that he hasn't learned to suck. My heart breaks for them because they also have an 18 month old at home and are visiting Jeffery every day.  I know they are torn between their two boys right now and I can't imagine the stress they are under. 

My Wook has been in a very fussy mood today...I don't mean whiny and crying I mean he has fussed out / let have it,  his little brother and our backyard birds.  He started calling his little bro by his full name this morning when he innocently cried!  He also stood on our back patio and shhhhh-ed the birds repeatedly and told them "No! Stop it birds, stop it right now!"  and  "Birds, I asked you BE-QUIET!"  There was a slight, ever-so tiny hint of a threatening tone.  I stopped and wondered if I sounded like that.  I knew the answer. 

I miss my Granddaddy.  I sat around the table with my parents and  cousins last night.  We reminisced about our time with him.  It blows my mind to think that I loved him for 30 years, but my Granny... she has known him deeply, and deeply loved him for 68 years.  The Lord blessed them with 68 years of marriage!

I remember what a strong, hard headed man he was.  He is a survivor of polio.  Post Polio left him with some muscle deterioration and a thing for walking sticks!  I think of him and all that he has accomplished and overcome in his 92 years of life, each time my babies get their polio vaccine.  And I thank God for it.  I think of all the things he could have given up on, but instead, found a way to do everything...his way.

I remember Sunrise Services with him each Easter, putting up corn in the summer, riding in his old pick up truck to go feed the pony "Boy",  fishing and catching greedy turtles, and always eating ice cream together.  These things meant so much more to me when I had a child myself.  You really hold on to them.  I wouldn't trade Micah's time with him for anything.  Though I know he and Lincoln won't remember Granddaddy, I will cherish seeing them together.

I pray that Micah and Lincoln make the kind of memories I have, because they are absolutely priceless.  I know I will see him again, because he was a lover of and believer in Jesus Christ.  He doesn't miss us or feel sad.  He wouldn't want to trade heaven for anything.  As much as he loved us, he wouldn't want to come back here.

The preacher preached the funeral service from my Granddaddy's bible.  It was falling apart, the bible was literally coming apart.  That made me smile to think of how much he used it.  There were so many things tucked away in it that were near and dear to his heart.  He had his favorite passage written down in the front of it.  It reads.  "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?" -Mark 8:36