Friday, August 29, 2008

You Know You Have It Made When:

You gack up your cereal and pears from hours ago and someone immediately cleans it up so you don't have to roll around in it.

You can pass gas as loud as your Daddy and people laugh at you....only later realizing that you didn't just pass gas. Then someone immediately cleans you up, cause of course you would not want to roll around on the floor in all your cuteness and your poo!

Looking out the window in your jumpy thing excites you every day! Even though you only get a peek outside when you really get your chubby legs going!

You can beat both cats in a stare down contest! Retreat!!

Blowing your pears and cereal all over mommy does not get you in trouble...cause she hasn't realized yet that you know exactly what you are doing!

You have to merely groan from boredom and poke out your little lip to get someone to move you onto your next form of 10 minute entertainment.

5 Month Birthday

So the "wook" (m) celebrated his big 5 mo. b-day yesterday! He was unaware and there was no cake or balloons but for a moment I paused and remembered that five months ago (it seems like yesterday) he was swimming around in my belly giving me nightly bouts of indigestion. We've come a long way baby!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Cat Napper 2

I have figured it out. M has learned the art of sleeping for only 30 minutes from our cats! Yes! that's it. They probably told him..."hey M. want to make mommy crazy? pick a spot, sleep there briefly and decide upon another, move there, nap, move again, nap, move again." In their case that would include but not limit them to: kitty gym, love seat, wing back chair in bedroom, bed, windowsill, glider, kitty gym, repeat! They are not good influences.

The Cat Napper why is it that M will nap half way to Mississippi, but only 30 min. in the bed? Seriously, you put the wook in the car and he is napping through 2 meals! But lay him down at this a good excuse for my frequent visits to Target? The other Jess is coming over with her crew for a swim, and who wants to hang with a fuss-pot? The Cat Napper has cut this one short! MEOW!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A little chunk of me...

Why do I feel like a little chunk of me is missing? School started back today and I felt really strange not returning to work. I want to stay home with the "wookie" but there is a little part of me that doesn't quite get this new way I am needed. I mean you have to be mom can say that when she had her first child she didn't lose a little bit of who she was before. Right? I swear I am not going to lose touch with my teacher friends. I mean I have gained so much and found a new purpose, but a little chunk of me is...well....missing.