Friday, August 29, 2008

You Know You Have It Made When:

You gack up your cereal and pears from hours ago and someone immediately cleans it up so you don't have to roll around in it.

You can pass gas as loud as your Daddy and people laugh at you....only later realizing that you didn't just pass gas. Then someone immediately cleans you up, cause of course you would not want to roll around on the floor in all your cuteness and your poo!

Looking out the window in your jumpy thing excites you every day! Even though you only get a peek outside when you really get your chubby legs going!

You can beat both cats in a stare down contest! Retreat!!

Blowing your pears and cereal all over mommy does not get you in trouble...cause she hasn't realized yet that you know exactly what you are doing!

You have to merely groan from boredom and poke out your little lip to get someone to move you onto your next form of 10 minute entertainment.

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