Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bottom of the List

I am a list maker.  One of my many lists is the one that I only keep in the back of my mind, the things I know I need to do but will put off until they absolutely have to be done.  I so very much despise these "things to do" that I DON'T EVEN WRITE THEM DOWN! 
The horror! 

These include but are not limited to:
-getting my yearly pap smear
-changing the sheets
-checking my voicemail
-going to the dentist

When my hubby and I were dating, he called me one night, and my Mama had to tell him that I couldn't talk because I was laying in the floor in horrific pain from a tooth I refused to go get looked at.   Yeah, I will put it off, a little!

I come from a long line of those afraid of visiting the dentist.  Well, not that long of a line, just my Mama and me.  My Mama once asked the dentist if he did pap smears, so she could go ahead and get it ALL over with in one visit!  It could have been the valium that they have to give her to even get her in office.  I think there were some legs raised and motions that when along with her request, I've tried to block it out.  Thank goodness he told her no, that he wasn't allowed to perform those procedures.  But if they ever invented a place...folks like us just might sign up!

For several visits, over the course of several years, I was known to them as the daughter of the "Pap Smear Lady". 

Several years ago, again in severe pain, I mentioned my situation to a secretary at the school where I was teaching.  She referred me to my current dentist.  She went on and on about him.  She wanted me to meet him and, I was skeptical.   I had been hurt before.

I called and made an immediate Dental Heaven!!!!!!!

Dr. B (we will call him) was the first dentist that didn't laugh off, or dismiss my fears.  He was gentle and kind, explained to me what he was going to do "before" he did it.  He also has the sweetest assistant, V.  She literally  stroked my arm like the frightened little child I was being, the entire procedure.  They may have laughed themselves into hysterics behind my back after I left, but they were  sweeter than I could have ever imagined!!!  I had given up on dental relationships.  But this guy, he was different.

I still put off going to my dentist, but not until I am contemplating putting my head through a wall, anymore. 

They have me on the "special list" I am sure.  I see the most tender and gentle hygienist that works there.  She actually told me the other day that some people don't feel as if their teeth have been properly cleaned if they don't get a "rough" cleaning.  Those folks are just plain crazy!!! But I guess there are always two ends of the dental spectrum. 

I am so thankful that my friend set us up, where would I be without Dr. B?
If you too have dental commitment issues, or you are just not happy in your dental relationship,  I urge you to break it off.  There are dentists out there who know how to treat a girl, or patient.  I found my guy, and going to the dentist is no longer at the bottom of my list!

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Mary said...

That is SOOOOO FUNNY about your mom and the leg motions and all! haha!! I laughed out loud at that one! I would love to know the name & address of the mysterious "Dr. B" because I too am dentist-phobic and am ashamed to admit that the last time I went was several years ago and I practically ran out before getting a cleaning when they said "gum disease". To say the least, I REALLY need to go!