Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1000 Gifts....3-6

Ok, so I am way behind. I have several real life friends who are doing this and it's a good ol' hot poker for this girl to get going with it.

3. My hubby.  He loves us so big.  He loves the Lord and I trust him with all my heart to lead our family.  I am so glad that I picked that seat directly across from him in Sophomore World History.  Those green eyes.  I never imagined that God would take that boy I knew back then and build him into the husband and father that he is today.  He has worked so much in both of us.

4. My boys.  They bring such joy to me each day.  I am so thankful that God has trusted me to raise them.  I never thought boys could be so much fun.  I see the Lord working in Micah. I can't wait for the plans He has for him. 

5.  My parents.  They help me so much with my boys.  You think you love your parents.  Then you have children of your own, and realize the responsibility they felt, the heartache, the worry.  I am sure I have just hit the tip of the ice burg on this one!

6.  Jumpy Houses.  God cleared the skies on Saturday just long enough for Micah and a few of his buddies to jump around for a little bit  It made his birthday!


LB said...

I love what you wrote about Jeremy!!! So y'all met @ GA tech, is that right?

And I love the other post too. So sweet!!

Jess said...

LB, we actually met in high school!

Jessica said...

i saw some high school pictures on facebook...so fun!!! great post friend!

Mary said...

I'm so glad that he got some sunshine to jump in the bouncy house! I fall so far behind on my blog too, friend. I console myself with the thought that its real life and real kids I am giving the time to instead, but still I wish I could be better at it. Great post!!