Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Catch Up Part I

Wow!  We have been super busy just enjoying all there is to do and see during this season!  I am loving the fact that Wook is old enough to understand that Christmas really is Jesus' birthday.  I am constantly reminding myself in the hustle and bustle of all there is to get in that all we are doing is to celebrate our Savior's birth.  The lights, the candy, the cooking, the wrapping, the opening, all of it celebrates Him!

We celebrated my hubby's birthday this month, too!  It is crazy to think that we have now known each other over half of our lives.  What a blessing it has been to see what God has done in our lives, what changes He has made in us. 

Our traditions are always kicked off with decorating the tree.  The past two years, we have given Wook his special ornaments to put on the bottom portion of the tree.  He uses the cluster deco technique, as seen here.  You won't see this in Southern Living y'all, he is just that fresh!

I have really enjoyed watching the boys play with their Little People Nativity Scene.

Did you know that Mary and Joseph had a farm truck????

Several nights, we have ventured out in our jammies to look at Christmas Lights.  We always stop in one large neighborhood nearby and watch the lights set to music on the radio.  We got the boys out of their seats and all danced in the front, this year.  I always make hot "choco-lick" as Wook calls it.  This year, there were even a few ooo's and ahhh's from Mr. Little's seat, facing backwards.

My hubby and I attended his work party.  I just love his company.  They are such a tight knit group and his department is very family oriented.  It is always so fun to see everyone...and this year I made a new friend.  She has older children and I will be begging her to have coffee with me so I can pick her brain!!!

Random,  my hubby always makes me take a pic before we go to the party, in front of our tree.  Well, this year we forgot so we had to take it afterwards (hence my tired eyes).   My hubby is a BIG fan of self pic taking....I think it takes him back to our college days!

Wook decorated cookies with his G-G, a Christmas tradition, and we enjoyed two cookie decorating sessions at friends' homes.

There was even a birthday party for of my favorites for the boys!
It has brought me such joy to watch them experience all this together!!!
M's first Christmas
L's first Christmas

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jessica wingard said...

Such a cute family! Love Mary and Joseph in the farm truck. They had something like that ;)