Monday, April 16, 2012

The Wook Turns 4

For The Wook's 4th Birthday, we threw a Rootin' Tootin" Hoedown!

The cowkids could barely contain themselves.  Picture taking was not the highlight of the party for them.
After everyone arrived, we headed out to the corral (driveway) for some cowboy training!

We played "There's A Snake In My Boot!"  The kiddos tossed rubber snakes into the boots and when one made it in we all yelled "There's A Snake In My Boot!".  

The rubber snakes pictured have given me the heebie-jeebies quite a few times since the party, when I find them randomly laying in the floor. My hubby has big plans for the rubber snakes to ward off birds from our blueberry bushes, this spring.  

Next, we took part in some Target Practice.  The kids got a big kick out of shooting down the plastic cups with water guns!

Then, we moved on to "Round Em Up!"  Our hulla hoop lasso came in handy for wranglin' that bull!

Finally, we got our boots dirty with the "Boot Pinata".  It was quickly cracked by the mighty swing of a 6 year old cowgirl. 

The cowkids enjoyed cupcakes and ice cream, sweet tea and lemonade, pigs in a blanket, and ranch dip and chips! 
 I just can't believe that my little cowboy is 4.  I am just amazed at the big boy he has become.  

The highlight of his birthday festivities was unmistakably opening this bike helmet from us.  I love it that he gets so excited over things like this.  He put it on and headed straight outside.  We watched curiously as he  laid down on the concrete and purposefully banged his head on the driveway.  His Daddy asked him what exactly he was doing, to which he replied, "Just making sure it works!".  He also wore it in the van the next day, and on my parent's golf cart.  I am sure I appeared to be one of those "Paranoid Parents".  Not me this time, just a boy excited about his protected head!

 Four or forty, he will always be my baby.

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Mary said...

What a cute party theme! Love the games. Sweet post, Jess. : )