Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wook's 1st "What is that in your mouth?"

So I went to my MOPS meeting this morning where the "wook" screamed his head of the entire time along with all the other babies, so he had to stay with me. We stood in the kitchen of the church for an excruciatingly long time while I held him on my hip, where he eventually fell asleep. It was so hot and I was watching them cook something that required way too many tools for my taste so I knew I wasn't going to whip that one up. It was a Pampered Chef thing...pampered I am not!

So anyways we get home and I notice that I left my raffle ticket on the coffee table. Well "wook" is not walking yet so no biggy. Then a few minutes later I notice that he is eating something, red. It is that stupid ticket. The fan strategically blew it off the table and across the room into his lap! I just experienced my first "what is that in your mouth?" panic. I found all the pieces at least. I thought it was a lucky one since I won free monogramming with it!

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