Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WFMW...Removing Sticky Tags from Glass

Its  WFMW at Kristen's blog "We Are THAT Family"

I love to purchase picture frames from one "particular" store.  I will not mention Particular Store's particular name because I am about to rant about their tagging system.  Come on Particular Store people...does it make sense to stick your super sticky barcodes to the glass of picture frames.  Is their no other way????  I could name you one: its called THE BACK!

Anyways, normally I spend several valuable minutes scrubbing and scratching these off with alcohol and a cotton swab.  It works, but not well, and surely not quickly.

Today I tried spraying the tag with a little glass cleaner.  I then let it sit for oh maybe 30 seconds, and then I brushed the tag RIGHT OFF with an old toothbrush.  This was incredible easy and I was not the least bit aggrivated.

Well Particular Store, at least you are keeping the glass cleaning companies in business.

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