Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The "Sisters After Birth" O.A.P. Challenge

Let me start by explaining the title.
The Lord didn't give me a sister growing up.  I was an only child.  I turned out fine.  (no comments allowed about that).
In 2006, He sent me Robin.
I knew by looking at her pocketbook that we were gonna be lifelong friends.  I told her this.
I have a sister, God just didn't give her to me until later in life.
Knowing us, if we had grown up together, we would have caused a lot more trouble.
He knew what He was doing. 

Now back to the challenge.

When we bought our home almost 5 years ago...it was a plain blank slate.  I had never decorated a house before and expensive, magically appearing due to credit cards, furniture was not an option.  And boy oh boy am I glad I had a hubby that would say no!!!! 

It has been a process over the years.  It is definitely still in progress but we've come along way baby! 

But with decorating comes organization.  I love organizing (especially other people's stuff) that I don't have to see get messed up!

I have a toddler.  We have purged a lot of stuff.  But we still have a lot of stuff.   I also have a lot of unfinished projects.  Did I mention I have a toddler???  Come see my half painted laundry room that has been that way for months!

Now I know you are thinking...get on with it Jess, what does my sister after birth and organization have to do with one another.

Well we Robin and Jess have decided to become Organization Accountability Partners. 

I got the idea from I'm and Organizing Junkie.  Not the OAP part, cause I came up with that snazzy-ness (lets just give credit where credit is due folks!).  jk  She basically suggested choosing a room/project a month and focusing on "getting it together" in that space.  She encourages that you take pics of the space before and after.  I loved that part!

I liked this plan.  It requires focus.  Something I struggle with.  And I have Robin to get me on track.  She can pop in anytime to see my progress, and will not judge my mess.  We can bounce ideas off one another and celebrate together when the project is complete.

I encourage you to do this with us.  You don't have to pick the same room or space, just find a bud and get to it.  We will be posting pictures of before and after.  Our first challenge is the LAUNDRY ROOM...dun dun dun!!!!!  It all kicks off in March so be on the lookout for our progress and we hope you will join us.


Robin said...

you seriously just melted my heart! what would i do without you?!?!?! love you!

Mary said...

What a great idea!!!!
post what room you guys are working on ans maybe I it will inspire me to do a little sumpthin' around here!