Monday, February 1, 2010

Windows of Opportunity

This is the story of three very old window panes who have been nestled in my garage for a couple of years now.

Two of the window panes were very pushy and demanding.  One little window pane was quiet and forgotten about because of the larger two.
One day the two large window panes begged me to paint them and then sell them to good homes in my Mama's antique booth.
I had to tell the two large window panes "I cannot paint you. I have an infant, and I am really into sewing purses right now. There is no time. Check back with me later."
They collaborated and asked me to hang them over my bed.
I had to tell them "I cannot hang you two over my bed.  I am having nightmarish visions of the two of you dropping your glass in the middle of the night and slicing us open in our sleep, leaving us unable to call 911 and tell on you."
They looked at me like I was crazy. Go figure.
They told me I could prevent the middle of the night slicing accident from happening with a little silicone sealant.
I told them, "Sorry window panes.  The gruesome image is already ingrained in my head.  Besides I am busy making Mother's Day presents.  Check back with me later.
Again, with the crazy looks.

Then, the quiet, shabby, but chic smaller pane spoke up.  "Excuse me Your Craftiness?"
"Yes?" I replied.  "Have you considered using me, already painted antique white and chippy, on that blank wall in your dining room?
I did some thinking.  Weeks went by.  I was busy,  I have a toddler and I was really into making vintage wreaths right then.
"Ok, little window pane.  Let's do this.  Your natural with age wooden streaks will go so well with the furniture, and your antique white chippy-ness will match perfectly with the baseboards and window treatment. There is little that needs to be done to make you wall worthy."
The little window pane and I spent a good hour together.  I believe it was during a nap.  She needed a good cleaning and her glass sealed to prevent any slices accidents.
That afternoon we enlisted the help of two very handsome and very handy men.  Well, a man and a boy.
They drilled and screwed heavy screws into the back of the little window pane.

They fastened hanging wire around the screws.  

Being the math minded men they are....they MEASURED!!!
The sweet and shabby little window pane had a new home, now she just needs some sconces neighbors.

And we all lived happily ever after.  We will live happier when we find some sconces.  But you get my drift.

Oh what happened to those two pushy larger panes, you ask?

I mentioned my story of the window panes to a friend.  She (not knowing the "pain' the two large window panes had been) expressed that she was interested in  putting up with  using them in her own home.  They moved to her home last night!  I can't wait to see what they she comes up with to use them for.

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Mary said...

SO cute!!! I love it there! I love that whole shabby chic look...unfortunately right now I am going with just plain old shabby, but someday we will try to get around to the chic!! : ))