Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday Boy

So you don't see much of Mr. Littles on here.  I guess that comes with the territory of being the second child.  I constantly feel terrible that I constantly blogged about Wook the first few years of his life.  Oh, wait!  This post is about Mr. Littles.

We threw him a Circus/Carnival themed 1st birthday party!!!  We invited mostly family and a few of his "friends".

A friend of ours painted faces and I set up a Photo Booth.  I was shocked that the kids actually put on the clown wig, bow tie, and nose!  Cute cute cute!!!  We made Wook be our guinea pig, the night before!

I made his cakes, mostly because I felt guilty buying his cake when I put so much time into making Wook's first cake! 
I seriously stayed awake most of the night before the party worrying and praying that the four layer cake would make it without cracking!  I don't have much luck with layers over 2. 
He loved smearing the cake EVERYWHERE!

We ate corn dogs, nachos, and fruit on a stick!  One of my pals caught on to the food on a stick theme.  I will keep her. 

It was super fun and bittersweet.  We had a lot of friends and family there, who made it extra special!!!


Mary said...

What a cute party theme!!! Happy late birthday to him! : )

jessica wingard said...

Such a fun party! You are so creative