Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sometimes Things Just Happen

Last night, while I was reading M a bedtime story (the same one for the fourth night in a row)  his baby brother demolished his train track.  When I say demolished, I mean pulled the entire track off the table and sent it flying in a million pieces.
He is so very different from M, and different isn't necessarily negative.  He has just taught us some things.

M didn't eat things off the floor.  L has given me plenty of mouth sweeping practice.

M was told  "no touch" and he went about his baby business.  L considers this a show down, a laughing matter.
M liked to play with baby toys.  L likes to bang remotes, and picture frames, and anything else that will leave dents in furniture.  He appreciates the shabby, and not so chic. 

If there is something to get into, he has ripped it open and is probably in the box the trouble came in.

Back to my story,
M said "Mommy, I need to go help L put that track back."  He calmly walked over to his brother and began picking up the pieces.  I told him I was sorry it happened.  He gently said "Mommy, its ok, sometimes things just happen."  He looked at his brother and said "It is ok, L, I forgive you." 
I was just so touched by this.
I prayed with him and thanked God for calming his heart about it.  And we prayed that L would learn some self control, too. (hehe)
L gets into a lot of M's things.  M puts up with a lot.  He is learning to be tolerant of others.  I have decided to be sympathetic but not feel sorry for him.  He will learn a lot from having a brother. 
Usually, I hear a groan or a growl, the sweet little nickname we have for L, said in a very disapproving tone, or some other frustrated noise (that he has picked up from me).  This time, he was forgiving and genuine.
It was a clear reminder that I should be more like him in this moment.
I should be slow to become angry and quick to forgive.  Sometimes people sling our track into a slew of pieces.  Sometimes they aren't sorry they did it.  Sometimes things just happen.

But one day, Someone will return and set our track back perfectly, just the way it was supposed to be.  Built in a better formation than we could have ever imagined it ourselves.  All because we were forgiven, when we didn't deserve it.

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jessica wingard said...

You are such a good mommy!