Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Easy Peppermint Bark

One year DH and I sampled a yummy peppermint bark at an extremely overpriced store, one that you love to look around in but can't afford to buy anything, Silliams and Wonoma. (The names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. We loved it and realized how easy it would be to recreate. Seriously, it SIMPLE, and it relieves stress (see below).

You will need:
1 pack of almond bark
1 pack of peppermint candy canes (12)
a cookie sheet
a butter knife
a mallet or hammer

First make your DH unwrap all the candy canes because this gets annoying. If you have a small but not too small child, make (ask) them to do it.
Melt your almond bark in the microwave (do not overcook) at 30 second increments.
Beat the daylights out of or crush to smithereens the candy canes in a freezer bag (this is the stress relieving part).
Add the crushed peppermint to the melted almond bark and stir.
Pour onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
Place in the freezer/refrigerator until hard.
Use the knife and mallet to crack the bark into unique pieces, as small as you want. Place on a tray and enjoy!

My husbands has the guys at work request this every year at his Christmas Goodie Day. I'm kinda stuck making it every year now! But who cares when its this easy. I also have this in my Goodie Baskets for friends and family. There will be a post on those coming soon!


Bailee said...

Will try your peppermint bark recipe today.

The Miles Family said...

Ok. I read this post the other day KNOWING that I would be making Peppermint Bark again this year and needed a new recipe... Today I started looking again and couldn't remember who's blog I read it on... FINALLY after much searching, my diligence has paid off!
Thanks for posting this! :)