Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grocery List

So Heather over at "Want What You Have" seems to love lists as much as I do. I write lists for everything! But I have never thought about looking at other peoples lists? Something new to try!

She asked that just for fun we post our grocery lists. Well I spent 3 hours in Wally-World yesterday for our once-a-month shop-a-thon. You don't want to spend the time looking at that list!!!!! So I guess I can post my Target list for today.

DH birthday DVD
funky tags for presents (I'm making the grocery bag pom-poms this year!) I'll link it up.
Nascar item for cousin
baby food
method dish soap
method all purpose cleaner
Rainforest Cruise and Crawl toy for Wook's "Santa"
chocolate candy for my Granddaddy's Annual Candy Goodie Bag (enough to last him until Valentine's Day)

If there are any strange errors in this, please excuse, Wook has learned how to bang the keys on the laptop. Yikes!


Heather said...

Great list! If I found this list in a cart, I would smile at the "funky tags for presents" and I would really wonder who "Wook" was.

See, this is what makes found lists so interesting! It's the element of mystery.

momstheword said...

I love list making too. And actually, I think I would probably get a kick out of your Walmart list since I don't shop there (I shop at Winco). I also would wonder who Wook was!