Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ear Infections, Coughing, Sleepless Nights....Oh My!

Here we go again. My poor baby boy!

Don't get me wrong, we have been really lucky. This is only ear infection #2. I am just praying it is not RSV again.

We started the breathing treatments just in case and to help him breath better but they just wire him like he drank 30 cups of coffee. Can anyone say decaf?

Poor thing is waking up coughing and fighting to go back to sleep. The ear infection seems to be getting better but the side effects of the antibiotic are just so bad on his tummy. Thank the Lord for yogurt!

Anyways, we just rubbed soggy cookies in our hair so better run! Please pray for Mr. M.

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LB said...

hi Jess, I am so glad that you stopped by my blog, and I am so glad to find your blog. Now I will be stalking you:)

Also, I am really glad that you have been coming to South Point. The more moms the merrier, right?;)