Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wookie Wednesday

I just wanted to post some of my new favorite pics!

I think this is my absolute favorite age! The Wookie is almost 11 months old and having a blast.

Life is good when you can eat Nilla Wafers and chase the cats all day. (ok I don't let him eat Nilla Wafers all day...that sounded bad)

Wooks is nearly running to explore everything. He is such fun, and he loves to play with us. You rarely see him without a book...he just walks around with them all day. He gives lots of kisses and occasionally graces us with a bye-bye. And his new word of the week is "Bob"?

Wook during his "quiet time" with his first bible...and sock monkey of course! I couldn't resist when I walked up on this.

This looks like a peace offering to me. Why wouldn't Bax want his Georgia Tech Lovey?
This is the cat who wants absolutely nothing to do with the Wookster. He's slowly coming around we think.

My DH has already started teaching Wooks to build "forts" in the living room.

Count them! That's eight teeth folks!

This has become an every morning ritual. Wooks and Mosey checking on the birds around 8:00 am each day. This is the other cat who follows Wook everywhere. Best Buds!

Ok...on another note. I do not like to toot my own horn but I have never sewn in my life. My Grandmama signed me up for a purse class at The Scarlett Thread (amazing shop by the way).

And now I am hooked. I mean I'm not ready for an Etsy shop or anything but I mean not bad for my first few tries?


Jessica Harman said...

such cute pictures! I'm totally impressed by your sewing by the way! those purses are so cute!!

Heather said...

Your purses are very cute! I'm jealous because I can't sew to save my life.

Wookie is adorable. My fave picture of him is still the pumpkin one. I think that should be in a magazine!