Thursday, February 26, 2009


As many of you mommies can relate, I always find myself digging through the diaper bag to find "my" stuff. I would get stares at the checkout. You know the scene.

I refused to care a purse and a diaper bag. I gave into that a long time ago. I have a thing for purses so when Wook came along that transformed into a thing for diaper bags.

I tried stuffing all of my "stuff" into those diaper bag pockets, never being able to remember which pocket housed the ringing cell phone in the doctor's office...oops (Oh, there's a sign reading please turn off cell phones..followed by old lady glares)

I am an organized gal but I needed some help with this one.

Then I found this....(angelic music plays)

This is a Pouchee! My new favorite "make your life easier" product. And here's why:

Pouchee is not just a wallet ladies! There's a place for:

All those cards we need...and a tight little pocket for the one's you don't want to get stolen (see left pocket).

It has a handy cell phone pocket, an extra find it fast pocket, and a place for a pen. And that's just the back!

Inside, there are 3 large pockets that I can fit a check book, calendar, and shopping list pad in. It even has 2 lipstick mini pockets.

I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!

I got mine at Chichester's Pharmacy in Macon (fabulous gift shop....another post for another time!)

Check out the website here if you are interested. I don't usually spend that much money for something like this, but I was at my wits end, and it made a great "gift from myself". We all need one of those now and then. It has been worth every penny!

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momstheword said...

This is pretty cool. I think it's ridiculous the amount of stuff I'm carrying around...and my kids aren't even little anymore!