Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How To Recycle Diapers

Ok so I don't recommend this to anyone!

Sometimes in Blogland we run across those mommies who like to portray themselves as perfect. If you are looking for one of those mommies here...move along.

I want to share with you what happened to me yesterday. Yesterday it was not funny. Today I can laugh about it. Sorry Robin for boring you with this story twice.

Wook has not been feeling well. I called our fabulous pediatrician's office and they gave me a very small time window for getting ready and making it on time.

We left without shoes. And another very important article of baby clothing.

We made it on time. We checked in. I smelled something terribly foul.

My sickly child had a sickly poop.

I took him out to the van to change the poop in order to spare the other sickly children in the waiting room from gagging.

When I got out to the van, I looked in the diaper bag and realized I had no diapers with me.

No problem because being the mostly organized Mommy that I am, we keep a basket with much needed items in the van, including 8-10 diapers.

But what happens when you forget to restock your back-up basket?

I went into immediate panic!!!!!!!

I know what some of you not so perfect mommies are thinking....

Jess..."Dump the poop patty and move on." But it was goopy poop!

I was frantic. And I knew they were going to check his temp rectally because it was so high. And I wouldn't get past the desk with the smell.

That's when I recycled my first diaper.

There was one diaper wrapped in itself in a perfect little tight diaper square, it had rolled under the seat (or I had just left it there for who knows how long).

Before I opened it I prayed. I did. I stopped to take the time to pray.

"Lord, please? I won't ask for anything for a long time. Please don't let there be poop in this used diaper. Please let it just be wet and crusty."

I opened it. I was an oldie but a goodie. A little wet, a little yellowed. It would do.

I then happily diapered my child with that recycled diaper. I was so relieved that I didn't apologize to him until later.

Yeah, we left with 2 ear infections, but I was proud of myself for being so crafty, and I did a little to help the environment too!

So to all you not perfect mommies...don't beat yourself up when you look in your vehicle and there are a few used diapers tossed around. What if you might need them one day?


She's Crafty! said...

I love your blog! And I love the title of it especially! holding down the fort. Rings true!:)

Jessica Harman said...

this is hilarious! haha...that one will go down in the book! Way to be resourceful!!