Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There are so many times I catch myself complaining.

Since the beginning of this new year, we have frequently found ourselves...

waiting in the doctor's office sick room
waiting in the doctor's office exam room
waiting for a prescription to be filled
waiting to hear back from the insurance company

I could go on....but I would just be complaining again.

I started to get sick of waiting. Then I got that feeling. You know the one. God speaking to me, convicting me of my stupid unwarranted complaining.

Then I bowed my head and I thanked my Lord and Savior that my child lives in a country where medication is so easily available. I thanked Him that I had a doctor's office to visit, that it wasn't made out of mud and sticks, and that my son would receive medication quickly. I thanked Him that I wouldn't have to worry about him dying from a mosquito bite. I thanked Him that we had insurance and that the medication we would buy for him would not keep us from eating or paying or mortgage this month. I prayed for the many who right here in the U.S. go without health insurance.

I thanked Him for vaccinations that would keep my child from living with Post-Polio like my Granddaddy does.

I suddenly didn't mind waiting so much.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, I don't have your number so this is the only way I can get in touch with you. Will you call me PLEASE! I have an idea for Micah's pictures but wanted to ask you to bring something! THANKS!! I'm getting VERY excited!Tiff