Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: Consignment Sale Organization

I went to my first consignment sale by accident when I was pregnant with The Wook....I fell in love!

I now love buying and selling at consignment sales in my area. Especially in these economic times. Selling at consignment sales can get hairy and hectic if you do not have an organized system in place. This is the system that works for me. It may not work for you but hopefully it will help you get started or create a system that does work!

My main goal is to sell enough at the sales to pay for what I buy. Basically swapping clothes.

One of my big challenges is keeping The Wook's clothes organized.
*what he wears
*what he has outgrown
*what I want to keep for future babies
*what I want to sell

I keep all clothes he is currently wearing hung up or in his dresser drawers.

I keep a large tub in the bottom of his closet to throw clothes in as I realize he has outgrown them.

At the end of the season I sit down and go through the clothes and organize them in the following piles.

Pile One: We store the keep for future babies clothes in the attic. I label this in another tub, box, or bag. There is an area up there for nothing but baby stuff we want to keep.

Pile Two: I store clothes I want to sell in a Consignment Tub that I keep in our Master Bedroom Closet. The clothes I am selling this year are his clothes from last summer. So we are always a season behind.

Inside the Consignment Tub I also keep the following:
*tagging instructions for sales I participate in
*sharpie markers
*cheap store hangers we get when we buy new clothes.
*index cards for tagging, or cardstock for computerized tags
*various sizes of ziploc bags
*safety pins

This year we are selling last year's spring/summer clothes. Throughout the fall, as I had time, I sat down and hung up the consignment clothes, checked them for stains, snapped all snaps/zippers etc. This way all I have to do is tag them before the sales in the spring.

So far The Wook is set for clothes for the spring and summer, thanks to earlier sales. I will be selling at the last sale of the season this week and finally have everything ready.

Are you interested in consignment sales? If so, start pulling those clothes as your children outgrow them. It is a great way to basically swap your child's outgrown clothes that are in good condition for new ones that are in good condition. It has saved us money and I love seeing Wook wear the "new to us" outfits!

Happy Consigning!!! Feel free to comment with questions or suggestions of your own!

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shopannies said...

my mother owns a consignment shop and has several mothers that simply like to sell what they do not need anymore