Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Really? This Is The Only Way?

This is the way we match our paint, match our paint, match our paint.
This is the way we match our paint, by CUTTING IT OFF THE WALL!!!!
(sung not so merrily!)

So, I loved the fact that we found a forgotten certificate for a free gallon of our original wall color!  We have painted several rooms in our home (one at a time), but have left the bedrooms the original builder color.  I just haven't been able to decide on a color for Wook's room or our bedroom.

We really needed to touch up a few areas.

Who knew that pillowcases could color your walls?????
We were painting in our sleep folks!

The friendly helpful gentleman at Porter Paints informed me that since our paint is 5+ years old  (looks like they want you to use that certificate pretty soon after you move in...OOPS!)  we would have to CUT a sample off the WALL????

I giggled out loud at the thought of this!

So the hubby did just that...thankfully in our closet.
And to my surprise, Mr. Porter Paint matched it pretty close to perfect!
Ahhhh  at least a couple hours with no scuffs on the walls  AKA nap time!

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