Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Yard Sale Treasures

Have I mentioned that I love yard sales????

I know that my sales are for a limited time only.

It is going to be a while before I load and unload a toddler and newborn.  Throw in nursing, and you will have me in a panic.  Life has its seasons.

We went to some great sales today.

The girl scoffed at me when I dared to ask her to take less than $5 for these cuties.  Just my luck, she did!  They had never been opened and the sticker price said $22.  Who in their right mind???  I got them for $4.
These books were $1 each and by two of my favorite authors!
These frames go perfectly with this scrapbook paper I already had.  50cents each! (I have a little plan in mind for these.)
This was my favorite find of the day!  This scrapbooking organizer was only $3 and is perfect for all of Wookie's craft supplies!
Wookie picked this out for his baby brother.  I just saw this on the Target toy site the other day and it was $14.99.  We snagged it for $1.

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