Saturday, September 4, 2010

Go Braves!

Our son is spoiled.

Every year, we are attend a Braves game with my husband's company.  Every year I am blown away by the experience.  We are so blessed to attend this event, and it doesn't cost us a dime.

We hang out in one of the suites.  This includes watching the game in the air conditioning, eating "not so normal" ball game food, using an exceptionally clean private restroom, and having a safe place for my son to run around.  This magical Ice Cream Cart comes around too, between the 4th and 5th inning.  They make you a gigantic sundae that puts Marble Slab to shame!

We were convinced there would be massive puking on the way home.

Because we are on a tight budget, and my son is not old enough to really appreciate or sit through a game, we don't usually go to other games during the seasons.  We did go to 2 last year because Wook was still a lap sitter, and we had my parents with us to  help entertain him.

My husband and I joke that when we take him to a "real" game (aka the nose-bleed seats) he will probably scoff at us and ask "Mommy, where is the Ice Cream Cart, the shrimp cocktail and fresh fruit, why is it so hot out here????"

This is not the kind of ball game experience I remember as a kid.

The Braves games I remember went something like this...

Your feet sticking to the concrete.
Using binoculars to find my favorite players,  lemme give a shout out to Darryl Strawberry.
Bringing my glove and praying for a foul.
Sweating...but it not bothering me one bit.
Bringing our own hot dogs, wrapped in foil so they were nice and gooey!
Passing the chips all the way down the row.
Being carried on my Daddy's shoulders back to the car.
Waving at the mascot, a Native American in a full headdress...not some baseball with arms and legs.
Not caring if they lost (cause they usually did back then)


When my son is a little older, these are the kind of games he is going to remember, too!

His favorite part was running the "bases" on the roof of the stadium.  He's big stuff!

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