Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tt for Transportation

Here is a little glimpse into our first two weeks of Preschool at Home!

We concentrated on recognizing the letter Tt and its sound!

M loved playing in the Sensory Tub!  It was filled with various vehicles and items that started with "T".  He was pretty good about keeping the pasta and beans "in" the tub!

Here is our very first graphic organizer...I loved using these when I taught 1st Grade.  M was really into gluing the pictures on and I noticed him counting and naming them throughout the two week period.

 He used the pattern blocks to recreate these pictures right on the mat.  I also gave him one that was a car and a train but he became frustrated with those, so we stuck with the simpler ones.  The turtle can be found here at PreKinders.

I made a transportation "scene" and gave M a couple sheets of stickers!  This is what he came up with after just a tiny review of where helicopters go, boats, etc.

It reminded me of a scene from "The Day After Tomorrow".  The helicopter is taking a nose dive, there is a boat collision, and a major apocalyptic traffic jam. 

He spent 30 minutes stamping "T"s and I cleaned the kitchen :)

He flew through this Left/Right activity, thanks to G-G teaching him this concept a while ago.  It was in the Transportation Pack at 1+1+1=1.  You will find TONS of preschool packs there!

Color by Number can also be found in the Transportation Pack, linked above.

We completed a "T Hunt" thanks to Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I downloaded the hunts for A-Z here.  Just scroll down and click on the Letter Hunt Worksheets.

We played Street Sign Memory!!!!

We traced our letter "T" using this road map and cars!

We ate Tuna Melts one night since they start with "T"!!!

We read a variety of books concerning our transportation topic throughout the week.  I am amazed by the fantastic resource my local library can be, when I stay organized and slightly ahead of the game.

It was a great week, and by the end of it, M was no longer calling "T" "S".  And he even managed to have a little fun squeezed in there somewhere!  Letter "Aa"  here we come!

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Jessica said...

AWESOME! WHat great ideas. What a great teacher/mommy! Looks like a blast!