Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WFMW Library Fine Prevention Plan....How NOT To Keep Your Library In Business!!!!

In the past 3 months I have paid $21 for FREE books.  You read that correctly.

How did I do it?  It was way too easy.

I consider myself to be pretty organized.  I haven't always been this way though, ask my Mama!

It is just that sometimes the old "stick it under the bed" ME comes out.  Usually organizing a drawer will shut her up.

Since we are on a tight budget and I am married to a man who would never let the $21 for free books incident happen......I came up with a plan.  (WARNING!  I know for some of you, this will scream redundant and simple...and yes some of you wouldn't need a plan...or two weeks to make it a habit.)


You will need:
1 library book bag
the sense to keep your due back lists (yeah, the ones they print for you)
a homemade Book List (see below)
contact info for your library of choice

Our library has been majorly furloughed, and their constant changing schedules made me nuts! I am sure their pay cuts made them nuts, so I am not complaining. Still, I had no idea when they were open for me to call and renew books.  And yes, I could go to the "physical" library to do this, but tote 2 kids to do this, in this thank you!  Whenever I thought to call=closed=adding up fines!

I started fresh.  They had to pry the money from my death grip, but I settled up with them.

Then, I picked the closest library to my house, instead of the one I preferred, thus finding that I actually like the one closest, and my hubby drives by there EVERY afternoon on his way home from work.

LIGHTBULB!!!  Remember when I said he would NEVER let this happen????

Step One:  I found M's library book bag.  I hung it where I will see it often.

Step Two:  I went to the library and made friends with the children's librarian...who wrote down my online password for the 2,000th time.

Step Three:  I taped the password into the LIBRARY section of my HMG notebook.
(a post for another time...but basically a notebook that houses all kinds of info that I would lose or parish without getting my hands on quickly)  I recommend this for EVERYONE!  I will post about it soon!

Step 4:  I KEPT the convenient print out they give you, listing all the books they have entrusted you with in the LIBRARY section of HMG notebook.

Step 5:  I also made a simple book list to inventory the books I need for upcoming units.  This way I can mark if they are in, out, or need to be ordered from another branch and take it with me to the library!  I also have a space for the author/call number.  This has probably been my most used tool for planning preschool!
Step 6:  Mark in my calendar when to call and renew books A COUPLE DAYS EARLY, just in case of schedule conflicts. If you would like a copy of this...leave me your email in the comments.

It has really been pretty easy.  Not all the books have the same due date since my hubby is picking them up as they come in from being on hold.  Because of this, the checking due dates constantly is making me a little nutty but I haven't paid a fine and have enjoyed reading tons of books with my boys!

What is your library plan????  Please leave a comment and share your tips and secrets!


The Noonan's said...

Jessica - I love your HMG guide and can't wait to see how you organize it - mine is working for me but I need it to do more for me.

AND did you know you can drop the books in the bin outside - J could drop them off in a pinch. AND you can use the online account to renew without having to call as long as you do it by the day they are due and you can put books on hold there and search. Love the library and the librarian at Fortson - she's great! Now if we could just figure out a way for our hubby's to play tennis on Sunday afternoons with our kids ;(

The Noonan's said...

Oh - I forgot my last tip with the library - always go on the same day of the week OR renew on the same day of the week so that it becomes a part of your normal schedule. Thursdays are library days for me now and I always think - did we go this Thursday or do I need to renew?