Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome Back!

Oh how I have missed you, sweet blog of mine!

Today started a new chapter for us.  We started Preschool at Home!!!
With the help of lots of online resources such as  1+1+1=1, Preschool Corner, Spell Outloud, 2TeachingMommies, COAH, and MakingLearningFun, we are under way. 

I have no idea what I am doing, but with a lot of prayer and patience from me and the guinea pig, we are going to try this thing!

Our goal is to do a few activities each day centered around a letter and theme, and call it Preschool!  I will most likely focus on a letter/theme for 2 weeks since there are a couple days we just won't be here to do it!
My focus will include  (and feel free to comment any that I am missing!)
-daily devotion/prayer time/simple verse memorization
-calendar exposure: months/days of the week
-tons of read-alouds
-exposure to graphic organizers
-recognize all letters and introduce sounds
-count consistently to 20....50
-recognize numbers to 20....50....100
-one to one correspondence 
-learn and practice developmentally appropriate  life skills
-pre-writing practice
-crafts and tons of fun stuff!!!

Here is the simple, simple, simple lesson plan template I am using bc I have to organize my brain somehow!

I am sure there will be a great deal of changes in what this looks like for us, but I have a boy who asks to do school time every single day, in the sweetest voice you've ever heard.  How can I say no to that????

Next, up....I will post pics of our playroom/school room.  I spent the weekend working on the space, using MOSTLY stuff I already had on hand.  Thank you old school stuff!!!

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Mary said...

So exciting!!! Wish you were my teacher!! : )