Friday, May 20, 2011

All Day Buffet

I sometimes call my kitchen an All Day Buffet.  I have never actually been to an All Day Buffet, but I imagine it would look like what we have going on over here!

Y'all, I seriously feel like I need to install a toilet in there, I am in my kitchen all the time. 
And I don't mean Betty Crocker-in' it up.  It resembles very little cooking.  It is more like fetching.  And it is only for M.  L is still nursing and immobile...what am I gonna do when there are 2 making requests.  I am usually pretty organized and I love getting a "system" down that works for our family.  But this is NOT working. 

You see I am too chicken to let my 3 year old start opening the fridge to get his own stuff.  He is way to interested in what it going on in there.  The cleanup is for a post all its own!  Crumbs that could feed us all for weeks!

I want to start out by saying that I am in no way complaining about feeding my children.  I just feel like there has to be some better system out there that could work for us...or is this just life for us right now?

This is how the morning goes....just the MORNING.
L wakes up, I nurse him.  (feeding someone)
I make myself a cup of coffee.
A little while later I feed L rice cereal. (feeding someone)
M wakes up and I pour him a sippy cup of milk. (feeding someone)
M watches some toons while I make him breakfast. (feeding someone)
M wants another piece of toast/waffle/bagel/pancake.
       (I don't make two in the first place because sometimes he doesn't eat the first one.)
Talk him into a yogurt/banana, knowing he is going to eat another ______. (negotiation with mini Jack-Bauer)
Fetch said yogurt or banana. (feeding someone)
It is here that I admit to you that M eats breakfast while watching toons instead of at the table.  Simply because we got into this habit when L was an itty bitty newborn. 
Fetch more milk, or juice. (feeding someone)
"Kindly" remind M that he JUST ate breakfast when asking  for a snack 15 min later. (refusing to feed someone)
I realize I haven't eaten breakfast myself.  Make self breakfast. 
Clean up living room and kitchen since both were made messy during breakfast...If I get around to it!

Begin to think about lunch plans, usually while nursing L mid-morning. (feed someone)
M asks what's for lunch?  (I smile because the way he says it and the look on his adorable little face melts me.  He smiles. knowing he could talk me into buying him a 2011 Caddy at this moment)
Begin process for lunch...where we do sit at the table.  Sometimes we eat together, sometimes we don't. 

I would really like some advice on this one.   I know some of y'all have this down, with multiple multiple kids!!  Please tell me how you handle meal times when you are at home ALL DAY (Buffet). 


LB said...

sounds like my house, where my kids also eat breakfast in front of cartoons. I have no advice, just wanted to empathize that I feel like my life is spent in my kitchen.

Mary said...

Oh, do I feel your pain. Still feeling it, I can't say it has gotten much better through the years, BUT now that all of mine are big enough to get in the fridge themselves, my answer is "grapes". I know that sounds silly, but if the budget allows for it I always try to buy a LOT of grapes and apples,, wash them up right away and have them sitting in there and then in between meals, if Abbie is whining that she is "staaaaarrrrrving", then the answer is grapes or apple and if she isn't hungry enough for that, then I deem her to be not hungry. Mean I know, but it's survival!