Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday...Except It's Tuesday

I don't meal plan because it is fun, I do it because it makes my life easier, it helps our budget, and I don't get the "5 o'clock-What-Am-I-Going-To-Cook" blues.

Last week I was a total meal planning slacker.  Our budget and my waistline show it.  But, just like with my diet...every Monday is a new week, except that it's Tuesday.  Let's don't get technical.

I also no longer assign the meals to a specific day because sometimes things come up or just don't thaw out in time!  Of course it would never be because I forget.
Anyways, here goes.

Meatloaf Cupcakes, Corn Casserole, Sweet Peas I got the recipe from Gina's Skinny Recipes
1.  Mine looked nothing like those and I used ground beef instead of turkey.
My husband doesn't believe in eating ground turkey and pretending its beef
2. We had "ketchup" icing, but I plan to try the mashed potatoes next time.
3.  I suggest you use the baking cups or be prepared for comments from your husband such as "what are those?"  or "interesting" which translates as strange.  (not that my husband would dare to critique my cooking...)
4.  They were super yummy.  I didn't  have the grated zucchini, but I plan on disguising veggies next time.  
5.  Super Easy Cleanup!

Deep Dish Baker Chicken (topped with fresh roasted tomatoes, then,smeared and slathered with that new Philly Cooking Cream stuff...we received it free in our food co-op.  Served with tri-color pasta and green beans.
Pizza, Fruit

Chicken Melts (chicken salad on bread, topped with tomato slices, onion, green pepper, and sprinkled with cheese, then toasted until bread is crisp) served with fruit and Sunchips.

Chicken Enchiladas, Black Beans and Corn Salad
Black Beans and Corn Salad is a mix of equal parts beans and corn, seasoned with a few tablespoons of your favorite salsa and minced onion!  This can be served cold or warm!

Roma Shrimp Alfredo (sauce that was on sale, fresh roasted tomatoes, shrimp, tri-color pasta)  Served with broccoli

And my favorite....Drum roll please........ Leftover Buffet!

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