Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My HMG Part 2...Let's Do This!!!!

In Part 1 of My HMG, found here, I talked about finally getting my Home Management Guide together.

Having this little notebook has really helped me minimize some of the "crazy".

There is no right or wrong HMG.  It is yours.  You live in your home, so your guide should be what you need it to be.

I am posting about mine to hopefully share some inspiration and encouragement.  Encouragement to get you started.  I have no idea how I ever lived  without it.  Oh yeah, I do remember.  (not good)

Remember, it is a work in progress.  It simply begins with a notebook and some paper.

Let that be Step One:  Find a notebook and some paper and keep it handy.  
I leave mine on the kitchen counter.  Make it a habit to refer to it often, even if it is just to write down a to do list.  Just start using it!  (the notebook and paper that is!)

Step Two:  Write a list of all the areas where you need some mental/paper organization.
Just get them down, you can shrink/alter this later.  Keep this list in the front of the notebook, on the paper.  (Notebook, Paper, List).  When things come up, add them to the list.  My final list looked something like this...
-church: hospitality, bible study, serving schedule  (We had a church luncheon coming up, and I needed a place to list all the things I needed to do to get ready.  I made this list TWICE the week before, but I couldn't find it)
-contacts: family addresses, pediatrician, after hours, important business numbers, church directory
-food stuff: baby feeding guide, random recipes, weekly menu plans
-medical:  med dosages, articles, updated shot records etc.
-random house stuff:  cleaning checklists, shopping lists, m's chore charts
-homeschool stuff: articles, lesson plans, developmental checklists
-calendars: preschool letter of the week calendar, weight watchers calendar, 
-library stuff:  homemade book list, pines codes/passwords, due dates

Step Three:  Start putting things in there, just to give them a home.  
As you come across papers/things you use...put them in the notebook.  Just keep using it, and keep it out where you can see it.

I found a few great resources at The Organized Home.  Click the links below to find printables, you may find useful!!

Step Four:  Create Tabs.  These are what you need them to be.  Mine look like this....
1. Nutrition and Meals (meal plans, cooking tips, articles, nutrition guides, recipes)
2. Health (medicine dosages, articles, updated medical info)
3. Contacts (church directory, Family Yellow Pages (random phone numbers your family uses) Birthdays / Anniversaries calendar)
4. Church (hospitality stuff, discipleship group stuff, bible reading calendar)
5. Household (cleaning checklists, chore charts, blog ideas)

The following tabs are all based on Preschool/Homeschool Needs.
6. Homeschool...main tab for the following tabs (random notes, ideas/tips, websites, developmental checklists)
7. Lesson Plans (preschool simple lesson plans)
8. Calendars (school stuff calendars)
9. Book Lists/Library  (all the stuff to keep me from having to pay library fines

10. BLANK...just in case I forgot something.

Step Five:  Start going through random papers and information that has previously had no home.  Start putting stuff in there!  This is the part that takes time.  Work through this little by little.  You will truly enjoy having a place for things.

Remember, this notebook is always a work in progress.  It is constantly changing and being added to, as the needs of your family change.  It may take you a year to get it where you want it to be.  Or you may be a little more focused than me and only take a month, or a week!    I just urge you to give it a go!  Tell me how it goes in the comments, or if you have been using one of these for a while, please share your tips and tricks.

Happy HMG Making!!

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Mary said...

Printed this out...hope to get running with it this week!