Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tour of My Home

I have been wanting to share our space for a while now. We live in a small, what some might call "starter home". When we first moved in, 3 1/2 years ago, I thought of this house as just that. I really only looked at it as a place we would be for a couple of years. Once I found out I was pregnant with our first child, I started to look at this house as our home. A place where memories would be made. It was then that I really started working on making it as welcoming and functional as possible. I am really proud of how we have utilized the space we do have for storage and organization. This is God's provision for us and we are thankful for it, especially in times like these.

We usually enter our home from the garage which leads into our laundry "closet":

I know it doesn't look organized...but it is. It was one of my nesting projects when I was pregnant.

This is the view of the kitchen when you come through the laundry room:

Here are some other views of the kitchen. One of the things I absolutely love about it is the whte cabinets against the yellow walls. Our kitchen and living area is so open, and we have so many windows that we have tons of natural lighting! This is the only painted room in the house. I started with it and was so tired of painting!!!!!!!!

I just noticed the 3 hole punch on the table. I have been working on my HMG. Now we move from the kitchenette area into the living room:

Here is the couch (part of our $100 living room set). We desperately need new couches but haven't found any we like yet.

Here is the love seat that matches the couch :) These were $75 at a church yard sale. We bought them when we got married and had no furniture. I found the end tables at a yard sale for $5 and painted them. I know the couches are not so easy on the eyes but hey you work with what you have! I love how open the living area of the house is.

Here is Wookie's corner. Most of his toys are kept here. He loves hanging in the play yard while I get a shower or do the dishes.

Our entertainment center was $20 (that's what the guy charged to deliver it). It provides GREAT storage and it doesn't seem like it would be very easy to climb/pull over on yourself. Good news for Wooks.
From the living area you can enter right into the dining room. We only use it now for projects, entertaining company, and it is really our drop off area. I am constantly moving things off of this table! As you can see, the extra chair is used for diaper bag storage. :)

This is our front door entranceway. I really want to get a bench and hooks to create a mini-mud room, even though we don't enter and exist here, it could be better used and decorated.

From the entryway, you will find our master suite. This is the view from the entryway. The cat is always in that chair.

Our bed is another one of my favorites! It is a California King! You may find yourself asking "Is that a coffee table in their bedroom?" Why yes it is. These tables were originally in the living area but were very hard on the Wooks head so we moved them in here for now.

This piano was given to us when DH was taking lessons. It needs some exterior work but it plays beautifully.
Our modest bedroom entertainment center:
My dresser and antique mirror. This is the first time in a long time it hasn't been covered with clothes.
I plan on adding pictures of the Wook's room and our home office the next time I get a chance to work on this. I hope you enjoyed Part One of the tour of my home!

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