Monday, January 18, 2010

The Beginning of a New Family Tradition

I love traditions.  I always have and I always will.

There are many traditions I clearly remember from my childhood, that I want to continue with my "young-uns" (well, one "young-un" now).

I also want to begin some of my own family traditions.  I want Wook to look back on his childhood and remember certain things that we did.  Certain things that, without doing them, would make his childhood be well, not his childhood.

That is why we have begun Homemade Pizza Night.

We started it last week.  After I sprinkled out some flour on the counter....I knew we were in for a treat. A big clean up too, but that's ok.

He looked like a dog after a good flea dusting.

We started with some yummy dough from Trader Joe's.  I shopped there for the first time on New Year's Eve Day.  It was a mad house. 

From the marinated mozzarella, to the organic bagged produce.  Up and down every organically infiltrated isle...while having my heel skin scraped off by my toddler PUSHING HIS OWN MINI CART!!!! 

I was in love.

Ok.  Back to Pizza Night.

The three of us had a blast.  The Wook snuck bites of cheese every chance he got, and more of it ended up on the floor than on the pizza but it was worth the clean up.

We tried out venison, mozzarella, onion, mushroom, and tomato.

It wasn't the prettiest pizza I have ever seen...but I was working with an oh so adorable, but very antsy pantsy sous chef .

It was so fun and yummy that we did it again this week, only we added avacado.  I didn't have any of the Trader Joe's pizza dough.  We used the Martha White deep dish mix, and I wasn't as impressed.  

I am not going to put a stamp on Friday nights and call it Official Homemade Pizza Night, but I do plan to do this regularly.  The Wookster likes it so much that he pulls a chair over to the counter very frequently and asks to help me cook.

We talked about trying ham, pineapple, and mozzarella next.

Any topping suggestions???????? 

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Mary said...

Hey Jessica, I know this post is pretty old but if you are still interested I have a super-easy recipe for pizza dough from the bread machine. Way cheaper and doesn't take much work at all! The trouble I have is remembering to get it in at the right time!