Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Fruitful Life by Jerry Bridges/ Chapter One

I love Wednesdays... because of my bible study lady friends.  It is uninterrupted conversation.  No interruptions like asking for a snack (even with that cute scrunched up nose), or stopping to wipe that cute little nose, or to get a little someone down from standing on the couch (or anything climb-able at the time).

Its just adult conversation and I leave there able to spiritually make it through the week.  I feel so comfortable and thankful knowing someone is praying for me throughout the week. 

We have had many answered prayers within that group, and some prayers that we lay down not knowing if they will ever be answered, but knowing that they are in His hands, and that He sees us on the other side of them. 

We just started our new book The Fruitful Life by Jerry Bridges.  And I LOVE IT.  Here's a link to it on amazon if you want to check it out.  The Preface was like no other I had read.

This week we will be discussing "Taking On God's Character"
So here is the jest of Chapter One:
Jerry gives us 6 principles of Habits of Grace, Godliness, Godlikeness, or Christlikeness (which I will be calling it)
1. Devotion to God, What are our motives....Self Centered or God Centered?

2. Power for a godly life comes from the risen Christ.
3. Though the power comes from Christ, it is our responsibility to develop and display His character.
4. Developing godly character entails "putting off and putting on". (vices and fruit)
5. We are to pursue growth in all of the graces that are considered fruit of the Spirit (balance)
6. Growth in all areas is progressive and never finished. 

I will be sure to elaborate more on this chapter after our discussion tonight!

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Mary said...

Hey Jessica! I love Jerry Bridges... I have only read his book Transforming Grace but it really helped to change and shape so much of the way that I think about my relationship with God. By the way...on the bread machine, sorry I forgot to answer...I have an Oster right now and its just okay, I really loved my Breadman!!!