Monday, January 18, 2010

This is How I Blog

A friend of mine from church recently set her blog to private.  She no longer has to use code names for her husband and children.  I like that.  Because sometimes I forget.  When she sent me an email notification concerning this, it inspired me.  Not to set mine to private, yet, but to blog again.  I haven't done it in months, and I miss the writing, the sharing, the me.

Seconds after I felt inspired, I felt overwhelmed.  When am I going to blog?????

Lets see.  I could do it first thing in the morning.  But lets get real.  I rarely am disciplined enough to get up and do my quiet time in the mornings.  It usually ends up being my not so quiet time while a little someone is momentarily (and I do mean momentarily) preoccupied.

Hmmm. What about naptime?  Maybe.  I could squeeze it in there with all the other things to get done that can't safely be done with my adorable shadow.

Well, in the evenings then?  Yes, but I would be staying up really late and missing some of the precious time my hubby and I get to spend together.

After much, very interrupted thought, I concluded that I will blog
1. when I have something to blog about
2. when I have a chance

I formerly tried to blog every day, or once a week.  It didn't work for me.  I am inspired to pick it back up.  When it works for me!

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