Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gg for Garden

We kicked off our Gardening Unit with this sensory tub!

M's favorite part was the mini-watering can.  I found it in some old craft stuff I hadn't used in a while.  I am constantly on the lookout for small items for the tub.  He just enjoys it so much, and it makes a great incentive for focusing and getting through our little bit of school time!

Our largest project this week was our Bean Baggie.  We place several white bean s in a ziploc bag with a moist paper towel.  I seriously prayed over those beans because they had been in my pantry so very long. 

Each morning we checked our Bean Baggie, noting the changes we saw.

After two weeks, we ended up with this....

This gave us the perfect opportunity to learn what plants need!   We also memorized a song about what they need.

We completed a simple 'Parts of a Flower" puzzle (roots, stem, leaves, and flower) each day until M could match it up himself.

We read a few books about worms and ate our own Gummy Worms....M looks for them every time we play outside now.  He is a pretty decent worm hunter.

Number recognition was practiced with this "Find the Trowel" game.

Several other general gardening themed activities were also completed the first week:
-Do a Dot Gg
-Pre-Writing Practice
-Sorting flowers vs. vegetables with mini seed packets
We finished the week by creating this paper bag "My Garden" book.
Pictures from G-G's garden were used.  Using a paper bag was the neatest idea ever.  If you fold it correctly, it even makes pockets to slide matching cards or other items into!

During the second week, we read "The Adventures of Peter Rabbit".  M got a little emotional when Mr. McGregor was hunting Peter in his garden shed.  Thankfully, it ended happily for Peter.
Most of the Peter Rabbit resources came from the  Making Learning Fun website.  They have an entire section on Peter Rabbit.

We completed their Peter Rabbit Clank Can Veggie game.

This brought to my attention how few veggies M has ever tried.  Maybe we will have to do something about that.  
We also played "Farmer's Market"  where I gave M a list of veggies to buy at the "market".  He had to choose the correct veggie and the correct quantity.

A measurement activity was completed with Peter's hops. 

M also when on a Carrot Hunt.  I cut carrots from craft foam and wrote capital and lowercase Gg on each.  I also wrote some letters we have previously studies on a few other carrots.

He had to pick the carrots from our living room garden and place them in the correct corresponding baskets!  We played this for a REALLY long time because he couldn't get enough of it.  I think it was all the running in the house he was allowed to do!
Over the course of the two weeks, we read a TON of gardening books.

And Disney Gardening Adventures.  Jesse driving McQueen and Ramone on the tractor.

We are also memorizing scripture with each letter.  Songs for Saplings has a great resource for this.  I just print off the small scripture card for the corresponding letter.  I hole punched these and placed them on a ring, so we can take them anywhere!


Mary said...

All I can say is, I WANT TO BE YOUR KID!!!!! Or, rather, I want to send my kids to you to be taught!!! : ) You are amazing!

Jess said...

No Mary, I am just having to come up with my own stuff right now. I know when it is "the real deal" there won't be time for all this. I am just trying to see how he learns and what he is capable of. We shall see. God give me the strength!

Jessica said...

AMAZED! Truly amazed! Such a great job Jess!!! That looks like SO MUCH FUN!