Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pp for Pumpkins

Wowsa!  What a fun two weeks learning all about pumpkins!

Our scripture memory for this unit was "Be patient with everyone!" 1 Thessalonians 5:14
This verse has come to mind quite a bit since completing this unit.  I have been convicted of my impatience while driving, waiting at the checkout, waiting for M to put his shoes on, by himself, while waiting on water to boil.  You name the situation, I have needed patience.

It has helped M too.  I have quoted it to him while he pesters asks me if his cheese waffle is ready EVERY MORNING, if we are "to the park yet?".... I could go on.

Well, back to pumpkins.  Again, I was terrible about taking pictures and I am WAY behind, so here are some of our favorites!

-Pumpkin Vine Measuring (from 2TeachingMommies)

Capital P Pumpkin

Pumpkin Life Cycle Paper Plate

We played a really fun game where we drew a card (covered with a certain number of dots) and M had to find the corresponding number on a pumpkin.  If he matched them correctly, he got to color that pumpkin.  I was really proud of how patient he was with this, and his one to one correspondence is really improving.

We carved our real pumpkins with Daddy and roasted the seeds!

A second game that M really enjoyed was this Roll a Jack-o-Lantern Game (from MakingLearningFun)
M has finally memorized the dice, which makes the game go faster.  I think I needed the patience scripture prior to him mastering this skill!

We made playdough pumpkins and read tons of pumpkin books, thanks to our local library!

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