Monday, November 7, 2011

Oo for Ocean

I am a little behind on the preschool posts, but better late than never right????

The two weeks before we headed to the beach, we explored ocean life!
I kinda dropped the ball this week and forgot to take many pictures.  Maybe it was the mass packing I was involved in?

We did have a sensory tub, filled with blue gravel (for water) and lots of mini ocean animals and creatures! 

We completed several ocean themed crafts!

One of M's favorites this week was the "Roll An Ocean Creature" game.  This was his first exposure to a graph and I was pretty impressed with his grasp of it.  We simply colored in a box each time a creature was rolled!
The picture says it all.

My intention was to hang blue STREAMERS from the chandelier in our playroom...BUT that would involve me remembering where I put them.  So my creative hubby sacrificially handed over his painters tape and we made do.  It was quite a sight.  M really felt like he was under the sea.  Thank you Lord for 3 year old imaginations.  

Most of our games and printables came from the Under the Sea unit at 1+1+1=1.

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