Monday, May 25, 2009

The Dining Room Dilemma

Our dining room used to look like this.

Then I got the itch to paint. Well, I've had the itch, I just decided to finally scratch it, with the Home Depot $5 off Behr paint rebate.

We (meaning me because DH really could care less. He cares but not that much.) couldn't decide between Corn Husk Green and Grass Cloth. Being the chicken that I am and knowing it would go on a little darker...I chose the first.

We were not home 30 minutes, before I was slappin' that stuff on the walls. I got all the areas above the baseboards DONE! Hubby was not amazed because he knows me and knows that paint was burning a hole in the can!

I looked at what I had accomplished so far, and my dining room reminded me of a baby's nursery!!!!!!!
I decided I should have gone darker with Grass Cloth.

What does a loving hubby like mine do? Tells me to call the HDepot and ask if they can change it. They can!

We load the Wookie in the car and run to HDepot with 15 before they close.

I want to thank Johnny at HDepot for rapidly re-tinting my paint, seconds before their computer systems automatically shut down at 8pm! Thanks to Johnny, and darling hubby,and let's not forget my master painting skills...........

The pictures do not do the color justice! It was exactly, exactly, exactly what I pictured in my head. And how often does that happen to this idealistic girl?

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amy dawn said...

Looks similar to the color mom painted our dining room/kitchen!