Thursday, September 17, 2009

Falcons Season Opener...My Lucky Hubby

So my hubby won his THIRD set of sports tickets THIS MONTH. The guy is lucky.

When we dated in college, I can't tell you the number of times he ended up on the radio winning tickets. I will never forget the time my shy hubby did his "Chunk loves chocolate" (Goonies impression) without even being prodded. He's a keeper.

Well its been Braves tickets, Falcons with the guys, and now Falcons with the Fam.

These were 9 rows behind the bench and very close to the 50 yard line. It was the season opener and we really enjoyed watching Wook, watch the ball.

There was little flailing and just brief moments of stiffening and accidentally kicking nearby spectators. No one gave us ugly looks, at least.

We even made it half way through the third quarter...and as Kristin at We are THAT Family always says "Leave when everyone is still happy". We did just that.

Here are some of our self family portraits. Wook would smile until just before we took the pictures, and then he would lean over in my lap or make an "I am not having fun" face. He was totally doing it on purpose.

Until we snapped this last one...I will take this grin any day!

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