Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday...REAL SIMPLE

Its that time again, thanks Kristen, at We Are THAT Family, for always inspiring me to find something that Works for Me!!!

I love love love me some Real Simple.
I just received my latest Real Simple Email Newsletter. Check out their website above to start getting yours, too!

Their latest fabulous ideas were new uses for old things!

Several of the ideas are goodies that I have already tried out like...

Using my flat iron to iron Wookies small shirts and between buttons and collars.

This worked really well in my first grade classroom to keep cords safe and out of reach. It allowed me to pull out just the length that was needed!

A toothbrush works great to silk a few ears of corn. When we put up large quantities, I like to use a bigger brush.

I used to use The Wook's baby socks as a cell phone case when I had that horrid "Chocolate" phone.

Here are a few that I can't wait to try!!!!!

I am definitely going to have to try this with my boy. I think The Wookster will love it, and small eggs would fit very well in his cute little hands. I am thinking Baby Goldfish.

So, I love the idea of using shower curtain hooks...but not for purses. I am seeing these hanging on a towel bar in the bathroom when we have a house full of kids who can't keep their towels off the floor. Ya with me???

Can you say Mint Juleps?

These would be fun at a child's birthday party or baby shower!

This is just too creative. The newsletter said that the Lifesavers that come in the rolls work best. The bagged version have larger holes. Good to know.

This would be perfect to keep in our van. Dirty diapers, old juice boxes, just general trashiness that the hubby always ends up cleaning up.

How fun would these be next year for the 4th of July???

Very creative use for paint chip samples! We don't host that many parties where place settings are needed but creative!

What a cool idea for a cookout...and easy cleanup. This would also be great for the lake or beach!!!

And my all time favorite new use for something old......
I love to paint anything if it says still long enough, but I HATE the cleanup, especially when I am in the middle of a project. I can't wait to try putting an old grocery sack on my brush when I am in the middle of a project. According to Real Simple this can save your brush for a day or two. This will come in handy when we get around to finishing our laundry room.

Do you have a creative new use for something old? Please share it in the comments!!!!

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