Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farm Heritage Day

I would love to go back to a simpler way of life. (As long as I could take my Tivo, flat iron, and coffee maker with me.) Think it would fit on my wagon????

Each September we travel about 45 miles to Zebulon. Their county's horse club hosts "Farm Heritage Day". We love it for its non-commercialization, and tomato sandwiches.

Where else can a boy.....

ride a tractor

milk a goat (not my boy this year!...we are still randomly asking for the mi-mi's, and I didn't care for the breast pump memories this brought back) But check out the random victims/children.

and eat a most delicious ear of corn...that you chewed very little of, as evidenced the next day.

and meet some new baby animal friends

and pose for the most heart warming picture your Mommy could ask for...


It was fun-tastic. Except for the grouchy lady who scared my boy half to death griping and complaining about how my hubby was holding him on the itsy bitsy pony. Can you hold him wrong on an itsy bitsy pony, and if so is it necessary to give gruf instructions while the pony is still moving? We did realize that we will not be using Pegasus Riding School in the future.

But other than that we had a blast! Yee-Haw!

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