Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Frugal Friday Finds...well Saturday actually!

I have been unable to go hunting lately. I don't mean the kind of huntin' where you tote a gun, wear your boots, and shoot at poor lil animals (not that I am against any of that..I am a member of the NRA!) I mean the kind where you get to dig through other people's stuff!!! The best kind of huntin'...YARD SALES.

You may call them Yard Sales, or for the fancy folks "Garage Sales", or my Mississippi friend calls them "Rummage Sales". (That one sounds more like a racoon in the hurby curby to me!)

Whatever you call them....there is nothing like them. And on Saturday we hit the jackpot, and only hunted at a few sales! I wish I had taken more pics!!!!

1. My hubby found a Scott's seed spreader in great shape for 2 bucks! While at Lowe's, we had to compare our price to theirs, and we saved at least $18.

2. A Little Tykes kitchen in great condition...needed a few wayward crayon marks removed (a steel wool pad and vinegar/water mix worked great for this) for 15 bucks! This one is going to G-Mommy and Pop's house, and they graciously paid for it.

Then we went to one of the best yard sales I have ever seen! I wanted to hug the lady hosting it. It was laid out strategically where you didn't have to dig much, and she didn't mind my child touching EVERYTHING (toys that is). She probably knew I would buy more if he could play with things!!!! Her prices were very fair. One of those where I couldn't ask her to come down. Her toys were CLEANED UP, and they WORKED! Can you imagine? Lets take a moment of silence for her Yard Sale Skills!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what we purchased from the Queen of Yard Sales:

Wook's Halloween Costume (see pic ....can't post one of him in it because it would be so cute you couldn't stand it!!)

Her son wore it once...looked brand new from Babies R Us...$5.
You may not remember his $5 Scarecrow costume from last year that landed him on the CBS evening news! We still have it saved on Tivo of course.

Both have been bought on consignment, and in great shape. I hope I never have to pay full price for these! If I try to...you have permission to slap me!

Fisher Price Dino/Ball Toy. This looked out of the box! It lights up when he puts the ball in different holes. They come out of the dino's mouth, down his tail etc. He loves it. $5

Fisher Price Little People Airplane (with all the passengers and luggage). $2

Fisher Price Little People Dinosaur Family Set (with all the pieces) $2

That makes the total for the day $16. My hubby doesn't really like spending money...but even he was impressed. Have you hit a good sale lately? Tell me what you saw when you went huntin'...or diggin' through other people's stuff?


Heather said...

YAY! Great finds!

Because of my near-constant barfing this summer, we didn't make it to many sales. I'm sad.

I love Wookie's costumes. I just adore that picture of him in the scarecrow costume. He couldn't be any cuter.

In recent years, we've been checking out the kids' costumes at the library. Isn't that a great program? I think all libraries should have something like that.

Robin said...

hey, my dear! did you really just slam my fabulous name of our favorite style of shopping???? i have been stalkerishly checking your blog for funniest! such a sigh of relief with i clicked on it today! how's the fever?