Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Would Hug You But...

I am in a new "Season" of life right now.

My old season included keeping the same outfit on all day, popping in and out of stores to efficiently run errands, completing chores without stopping to do a variety of things, not worrying  about my breasts being exposed to friends or strangers.  Just to name a few.

I can't tell you how many of my friends have uttered the words "But this is just a season..." when I mention the mass amount of guilt I feel for any of the following:
                               my toddler watching Toy Story 3 (the entirety of it) every day
                               forgetting to return things, birthdays, names, my parents anniversary, call people back
                               not engaging my newborn NEAR as much as I did my firstborn
                               my house being a disaster zone...please don't call DFACS
The List goes on...and y'all know I like lists!

I am not complaining y'all!  Well maybe a little, but this is my space here, and I guess this is the place to do it.

I guess I should just say that there will be many some things I will miss about the newborn season.  I WILL NOT be sad when this season is over for the following reasons:

I will be getting more sleep and therefore be able to recognize friends, family, and neighbors again, and they will be able to recognize me!  This includes calling them by their actual names.

I will not have to worry about being pooped AND peed on every time I change Scut's diapers.  His many, many, many diapers.  You cloth diaper ladies should win week long trips every 6 months for what you go through!

I will not wash 2-3 loads of clothes a day for someone who weighs under 10lbs. 

I will get to drink an entire 8oz cup of coffee without microwaving it 3 times throughout the morning.

My idea of a date night will be childless...not just void of the one who can communicate with actual words.

I will not have to beg a 2 year old to please be satisfied with Toy Story 1 or 2, because I cannot bear to watch the train go off the tracks with all the "orphans" one more morning, or see Barbie complement Ken on his "as-cot", or watch college aged Andy roll his eyes at his loving mother who is obviously raising her two spoiled brats completely alone, because where is their Dad????

Oh, and P.S. my hubby asks frequently if we have watched Toy Story 3 in its entirety many afternoons, because he has yet to see the whole thing and would like to.
I am one viewing from popping him some popcorn, cranking it on, and heading to Starbucks for a couple hours...oh but wait I would still have a little cute someone attached to my sore cracked nipples while I sip my Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha.  Which they probably aren't serving any more!!!  DUH Jess, the Holidays are over!

But, I think the one thing I am really tired of is...Apologizing to my husband every afternoon when he returns home from work, for their being crusty, rank spit up in both sides of my hair.  At least he still wants to even touch me. 

With all this being said, I love my boys and I know that one day...way down the road... I will laugh, and look back and be thankful for this precious time with them.  And I will laugh my head off when their wives are going through it themselves...and maybe offer to help!  Bless their hearts.


Jessica said...

okay, yes, where is Andy's dad? I never caught on to that until several months back...interesting.

I totally can relate and it does get better...I'm only 6 weeks ahead and life is starting to resemble somewhat of normal. Next time you want to escape, give me a call...Kate will be joining as well..she and Scut can go on a double date :)

Mary said...

This made me laugh out loud! Not at you, of course, but WITH you! It is going to go so fast...