Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

  I know this is a little late, but seeing as how I am getting minimal sleep these days my priorities include keeping us all fed and clothed in spit up free garments!

Christmas was a little different for us this year.  Even with a three week old it as so very fun and memorable.  You see, we started some new traditions, something I have been wanting to do since Wook was born. 

I had an extremely positive attitude about Christmas beginning the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I know I should have a positive attitude no matter what (since Christmas is all about the birth of my Lord and Savior) but it is all the things that distract me from Him that I have a bad attitude about.  Ok, back to my positive attitude.

I went into the hospital to have our second child (who I will refer to as Scut, explanation to follow shortly) with all of my Christmas decorations up!  I returned home to a very festive home which would not have been decorated if it had not been done previously.

Let's fast forward to Christmas Eve.  I wrapped up the little bit of cooking I was doing this year (reminder: 3week old) and made my yearly Red Velvet Cake Balls.

Wook and I made a birthday cake for Jesus, which he meticulously decorated with sugar letters and M & Ms.  I simply laid out the correct spelling and he stayed busy for quite some time.  His strategy was to poke the M & Ms deeply into the icing, because then he would be required to lick his fingers!  He's so smart sneaky!
I am thinking he has a future in cake decorating!

That afternoon, the hubby and I made his Mom's famous Chicken Won Tons.  We made about 100 and ate them over the course of the next few days.  I know...not good, not good!  This was a new tradition we started this year...the Won Ton making, not the eating all of them in a few days.  I also made homemade bruschetta.  The veggies were healthy, right?

Later that night we attended our church's Christmas Eve service.  This is something my hubby and I had been wanting to do for several years but usually visited with family.  I changed Scut twice before we left and then again when we got there.  Spit up stinks!

The next morning we woke Wook up.  That's right, we had to go get him out of  bed around 8am.  He's my super sleeper.  Scut, not so much.  

Wook woke up and walked into the living room to find his "new" train table and train set.

We scored the table and huge train set for $50 on Craigslist back in the summer.  The track shown was only half of the set.  The rest of it is put up, because we thought it would be too overwhelming for him us to build with all the pieces.  He literally played with it for 30 minutes before we asked HIM if he wanted to open anything else.  He also opened some wooden blocks, duplo blocks, a Toy Story Memory Game, and some construction trucks!  If you didn't notice, all of the above toys listed can be categorized as "quiet".  I got the biggest kick out of Wook's present opening technique. He refused to even acknowledge what the gift was until every scrap of paper had been removed...then he would excitedly yell "It's a ______!" 

Scut, who let me tell you, was thrilled with Christmas this year, opened a Lullaby Seahorse from his big bro, some hand me down bath towel robes, a water tummy time mat, and some Butt Paste!  Can't you just feel his excitement???

We played with our new toys all day.  For Daddy this included, a Gorilla pod camera tripod, some new gym shorts, and a battery powered Nasal Water Rinse thingy (in his defense, he did not ask for this...but he is a Netti Pot -aholic!) For Mommy this included new hot rollers, a butter dish (yes asked for it), and some button up pj's for nursing.

Christmas night we headed to my parents house. We ate a super yummy dinner of ham, my Mama's mac and cheese, and other delish casseroles!  She also made my absolute Christmas favorite...boiled custard with pound cake.

The over-stuffed stockings!

We opened presents, visited, and watched bits and pieces of A Christmas Story.

It was during A Christmas Story that Scut started his "skinning the cat" scream fest because DARE I... burp him in the middle of nursing.  The part of the movie was showing where Ralphie is walking home and is stopped and taunted by, none other than, red headed Scut Farcus.  Scut Farcus, with his scrunched up face , says "You gonna cry, cry baby?"  "Cry for me, go on and cry!"  Then he laughs that laugh of his.  It was in that moment that I looked down and my sweet baby boy was making the exact same face, screaming.  I envisioned him teasing me in the middle of the night... "You gonna cry, cry baby?"  "Keeping you up all night, gonna make you cry, Mommy?"  I laughed hysterically and have been calling him Scut ever since.  Lord, I pray he doesn't grow up to act like Scut Farcus.

Two of the toys Wook opened from G-G and Pop included a talking Woody and Buzz Lightyear (because according to G-G you can't have one without the other).  These toys would be categorized as "loud".  Woody fortunately has an "off" mode, ya know for nap time or just "Mama's gonna lose it if she hears there's a snake in my boot one more time...get the snake outcha' boot already Woody!"  I have yet to find Buzz's sanity setting...if you know of it please let me know!

Through it all, one thing was very very clear to me this year.  As I held my newborn son, through most of the Christmas festivities, I couldn't help but be reminded of Christ.  I couldn't help but think of how The Father gave us His Son that first Christmas, then gave Him again on the cross!  For me and for you, for my husband and for my precious boys, so that we may spend eternity together, worshiping Him!  Holding my son, I feel such gratitude that God sent us the Savior that night, and how desperately we need Him!  That is what Christmas is all about.  That is what I will keep in my heart, not just on Christmas, but every day He gives me!

This pretty much sums up my life right now...and this one did NOT make the Christmas card!

Oh, and The Joker wants to wish you a Scary  Merry Christmas, too!


Jessica said...

great post! Kate got a glow seahorse too..and Grant got the Woody doll too...so fun.

Mary said...

I love this WHOLE thing! So cute and funny! I especially love the Scut story... that's Mike & Matthew's fave Christmas movie. I love your traditions, so fun and sweet (and I need recipes for both the red velvet cake balls AND the chicken wontons! And your mom's pound cake & custard sounds awesome too!)