Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Storm 2011...Georgia Style

I know all the folks who live with snow all winter think we southerners are so silly, when they call a couple inches of snow "Storm Watch ___ (fill in the year).  

We started our morning with Snowman Pancakes!

Well, 8 inches IS quite the storm in Georgia!  Here in our area we had a couple inches, covered with thick ice!  The Wook and Hubby's dreams melted quickly, unlike our ice covered lawn.   You can see the look of disappointment.

Until...they found our neighbors driveway!  The look of sheer terror on Wook's face, as he slid out of control and then excitedly yelled "Let's do it again!", was priceless.  I didn't get any shots, because I was laughing too hard!

We took a  family pic, and don't go calling DFACS, because in our defense, Scut was only out there 12 seconds. And we want to have photographic proof that we didn't leave him out of ALL the fun!

My hubby was very proud of his trash-can-sheet-of-ice, that he broke, and then used to teach our son to throw "Chinese Stars"????  Not sure that was age appropriate, and sometimes I think that deep down inside, he will forever be a 13 year old boy!
 I, being the loving mother that I am, dug through the ice on our outdoor chairs to find some very precious snow.  We were COLD and decided to bring it in to make an indoor snowman.  I have memories of doing this as a child and saving the mini-snow folks in the freezer.

At first we went with a food theme.  Kidney beans, carrots, oh rats! just wasn't happening with all the mixed in ice.  So we got out our trusty....
Mr. Potato Head pieces, and this is what The Wookster came up with!  I was impressed.  Now he is hanging out on the outdoor table peering at us through the window.  The snowman, not my boy. 


Jessica said...

LOVE the idea of the indoor snowman...maybe we'll try that tomorrow! Way to get creative!!!

Mary said...

I love that last picture and Micah giving that look at the snowman! He kills me!!! ; )